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Allie Goodell's Previously Completed Works

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About MONARCH - Sims 2 Film

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the casting call for MONARCH, a Sims 2 film. My name is Allie (I also go by TheOnlyException), and I'm hoping to find a wonderful cast for my machinima. All information can be found below!

Note: More characters will be added later on, so remember to check back in with this project for new opportunities. I'm still in the early process of making sets and sims, so new characters won't be posted until they are created. Thank you for understanding.

Because of this, audition lines may change as well over time.


As far as payment goes, I will send the full film script, and you may record them in increments, or as a whole (ex., you send me a third of the script = I send you a third of the payment). Lines must be sent to me before I send a payment, and I'm fine with splitting up lines into batches in case any are worried about not getting paid.

This is my first paid project, and I like to be cautious, which is why I'm setting it up this way. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Thank you for understanding!

All payments will be made through PayPal.


As the heiress of Antonia, Eliza faces the heavy duty of selecting a suitor in order to continue her bloodline’s rule. Her mother Elaine, doubling as the queen, is determined to keep the kingdom running, especially after her husband falls ill and bedridden. However, Eliza discovers something within herself - a unique kind of love - that no one would ever approve of. In fact, it could be the one thing to get her killed.


Have a clear microphone. I can be very picky about this, depending on if it can be cleared out or not (my friends say I have eagle ears). Don’t hesitate to audition if your microphone is ‘okay’ quality though, as I will try to clear out the background noise if I can! Even some of the noisiest microphones can be cleared out completely. 

Be able to meet my deadlines. I will gladly give extensions to those who contact me. My golden rule: If a voice actor does not ask me within three days after a given deadline for an extension, they will be automatically replaced. I am very strict about this, as I do not like to work with unreliable people. As this is a film, I would appreciate regular check-ins to know how lines are going.

Show emotion. This is a must, as all my series require lots of it (my plots are rather angsty). Please do not sound monotone. Feel free to tweak the lines if you feel they'll flow better.

Get into character. Enjoy the person you are playing, and embrace them! This makes portrayal more realistic and may allow you to sympathize with the character’s situation. I also love bloopers though, so it's alright if you goof around now and then.

Be active! Please do not ignore me, as I am very flexible with deadlines and redos. I also think it’s an added bonus if my cast members talk to me :] I use Skype and check my email frequently, so I am often available. However, I will not be doing live recordings, as I'm personally not comfortable with them.

Email: [redacted]

As for recording lines once you are cast, I am planning on sending the script through email and letting the actors record independently. If there are any major problems with a line or two that I want read differently, I may have the actor record live for me in order to execute the line as imagined.

I would also extremely appreciate demo reels! Please inform me if you have one (and where, or link it in a comment), and I will listen to them when I can. Thank you!

The final project will be posted to my YouTube, found here:

Here, you can find a link to quotes related to the characters, so you can get to know them better.

indicates that accents are very welcomed for a character. Characters with this symbol do not have to have an accent, but accents would be a nice bonus.

“Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying.” - W. Clement Stone

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold