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Allie Goodell

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About Allie Goodell

I am Allie Goodell, a voice actor and filmmaker.

I create machinima using the Sims 2, and pursue freelance film work in my free time.

University of Iowa - 2021

BA Cinematic Arts

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$2 Per Line

$0.20 Per Word

  • @ravenholmzombies

    Easily approachable, friendly and professional. Delivers high quality voice work in a timely manner. Very talented, and a pleasure to work with.

  • @therichvoices

    I've had the pleasure of working with Allie on numerous Machinima projects which include Seredipitia's "Invisible", Simsberrry's "The Kenopsia Effect", and Latibule's "The Rivers". She is a phenomenal Voice Actress delivering a wonderful range of vocals which cause the characters to leap off of the page. Allie's audio standard is also on point, so you can always relax in the knowledge that she will deliver 100% quality every time :)

    -Rich (TheRichVoices)

  • @saoirse-connolly

    Allie is a very professional, yet approachable and friendly director. She provided detailed scripts once my part was officially cast and our contract signed, she also made herself readily available to any questions, clarifications, or concerns I may have had. When retakes were required, she was clear and kind about where and how I should approach them and was overall just a joy to work with. If you're looking to potentially audition for one of her productions, you may do so with full faith that she'll treat you with respect, encouragement, and enthusiasm.

  • @grazipela

    Allie is honestly a diamond that deserves to shine brightly for all to see how awesome her voice work and her very lovable personality..! She's a great voice actor and I think he can match any larger-than-life wibe you're looking for.Delivers lines very quickly with great quality. She voiced my characters and I could not be happier with what the end result came to be. She’s talented, Incredibly professional and knows how to have fun with her craft. I feel blessed to have met Allie, the sheer amount of dedication and fun she can bring to any project leaves me in awe.I know that Allie would easily give you the best performance you've ever heard if you give her the chance! She has everything you could possibly ask for! Her ability to be professional and a joy to work with is another reason to look no further...!