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About riverspirit22

Hello, my name is Deanna Donovan (or just Anna Donovan). Thanks to my college radio station 89.5 the Wave, and the animation department, I have found a passion in voice acting and voice over. I still have a lot to learn, but I would be glad to help in any projects that I can.

  • @randi-voices

    Riverspirit22 is a very talented actress, as well as a beautiful singer.
    I really enjoy her voice work, so you should definitely chek her out! :D

  • @fanficradio

    Our team had the pleasure of working with Anna on several projects now. And she's been phenomenal every time.

    In this project, Anna played the strong beautiful Riza Hawkeye and she managed to capture all sides of the character perfectly: Strong, Independent, Caring and a lot more.

    Not only that, but she delivers her lines promptly and perfectly.

    Thanks you so much for all you've done for us, Anna!

  • @fanficradio

    We had the pleasure to work with Anna again on a Yu-Gi-Oh parody of 'A Christmas Carol' where she voice acted three different characters (Tea Gardner, Mokuba's friend and Kuriboh). She delivered the performances perfectly and as always was the first to get her recordings done! She even gave some recommendations for the characters and they were spot on!

    Can't thank you enough Anna and really hope we work more and more in the future. High recommend Anna for all your projects.

  • @deleted39286

    Riverspirit22 voices Taz in my cartoon project and has a really fitting clear voice, each line was delivered perfectly.

  • @coffee-vee

    Ever since I had to get someone else for my character, riverspirit22 has been the best choice. She always makes me lmao with the scripts I give her with the extra bits of hers. So glad she auditioned and stuck with me this far. If you have a comedy bit or serious bit, she's the one you should consider! :D

  • @fanficradio

    We've been working with Riverspirit22 for a couple years now and every time she just blows us all away. This time was no different. Her performance in the very emotional chapter was so well-done! Her positivity and enthusiasm are always contagious

    You absolutely need her for your next project!!