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Mnoliver25's Production Credits
About Immersive Stories Mod (for Fallout 4)

TJOliverBooks new gaming mod is looking for you! This casting call is for voice artists who are hopefully familiar with the game Fallout 4, a post-apocalyptic open world game based on the city of Boston, Massachusetts in the year 2077. There are humans, ghouls, mutants, strange animals, and more sharing, fighting, and just trying to survive after World War 3 ruined everything 200 years prior to the Player waking from cryo-sleep, emerging from an underground shelter, unarmed and friendless.

Our mod has a variety of NPCs, and we are looking at fresh talent to voice them. If you're accepted, you will be contacted by the team leader, asked to join our Discord server, asked to provide your professional name for inclusion in the published mod’s cast list, and required to sign a contracting agreement before work begins. Pay is $20 to $50 per role, via Paypal.

About the Creator: mnoliver25

Project management experience. Happy to work with veterans as well as newly minted creatives. Currently modding for the Fallout 4 video game:

Commonwealth Families -- Current WIP, Stage 1 of the release. Stages 2 and 3 will require addition voice actors.

Immersive Stories -- Current WIP, unpublished, interviewing actors for roles of Amy and Suzanne, much appreciation to all the talented actors who auditioned!

Perks of Leadership -- Current WIP, unpublished, wrapping up marketing, testing prior to launch. This is a companion mod to Immersive Stories.

Dillinger Place Radio -- Current WIP, unpublished, wrapping up voice acting and audio engineering, to be released as a companion mod to Immersive Stories.

Settler Hunt -- Current WIP, unpublished, still writing/creating characters and quests. This will need roughly 8 to 10 voice actors. To be released after Immersive Stories.

Working with actors discovered right HERE on Casting Call Club!