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About Datchcole

Currently both Voice Acting and Game Developing

[[ If you need a programmer[Unity/c#] for a visual novel demo please feel free to shoot me a message to potentially collab, but please have some sort of proof of concept first. Thank you!]]

[[I can do simple 3D models with textures in Maya; either stationary object or objects that are modeled with working rigs. I will do these for a pretty low price, but not for free sorry.]]

I have a degree in computer science and specialize in Unity/C# . I have one released Unity Project.

I can also do basic 3d modeling, UI Design, texturing, rigging, and 3D animation.

  • @rhnarrates

    Datch was a joy to work with. They provided the script in a timely manner and were always quick to respond to me on Discord. Datch is a positive presence and a force for good on Casting Call Club - I highly recommend anything they have on offer. :)

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  • @voicecraftstudio

    Working with Datch was a great experience. They ticked all of the boxes that you want in a director. Clear and quick. Furthermore, just a really nice person. I'd absolutely work with them again and would recommend to anyone else.