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About mnoliver25

Project management experience. Happy to work with veterans as well as newly minted creatives. Currently modding for the Fallout 4 video game:

Commonwealth Families -- Current WIP, Stage 1 of the release. Stages 2 and 3 will require addition voice actors.

Immersive Stories -- Current WIP, unpublished, interviewing actors for roles of Amy and Suzanne, much appreciation to all the talented actors who auditioned!

Perks of Leadership -- Current WIP, unpublished, wrapping up marketing, testing prior to launch. This is a companion mod to Immersive Stories.

Dillinger Place Radio -- Current WIP, unpublished, wrapping up voice acting and audio engineering, to be released as a companion mod to Immersive Stories.

Settler Hunt -- Current WIP, unpublished, still writing/creating characters and quests. This will need roughly 8 to 10 voice actors. To be released after Immersive Stories.

Working with actors discovered right HERE on Casting Call Club!