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About Kylie Lee

About Me:

Name: Kylie
Age: 24
Timezone: GMT/BST (UK)

I am a professional voice actress from South Africa.
I studied Acting and have a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies.
I work/record from my home studio!

I am currently a full time voice actress and Twitch streamer and have around 3-5 years worth of experience in the dubbing/voice over industry.


Standard British, Cockney, Standard American,

Southern American, Scottish, Irish, Russian,

I have a very wide vocal range as well. I can do kids voices and older voices as well. Feel free to enquire about this or ask me to audition and I'll show you what I can do!

Discord: Scarlet#2318




Email: kylierutzen at gmail dot com


I am a very friendly and hard working person. I'm always open to suggestions and learning new things! I'm very easy to approach but also professional in my work. I try to deliver the best quality content within a decent timeframe!

Thank you for your time :)

  • @hikerangel

    After casting Kylie for an audiobook narration, she sent me the first half back far faster than I had imagined possible. When I listened to it, I was stunned.

    It was absolutely INCREDIBLE!

    I put in a few notes about how I imagined some of the lines being read, and she seemed to pick up on exactly what I had in mind effortlessly. She was able to deliver comedy, drama, and even ridiculously fast speeds seemingly with ease.

    Kylie is a total rockstar! She has an amazing voice, works incredibly quickly, is a great professional, and was willing to make adjustments as requested. I would highly recommend casting her in your project. I know that I hope to work with her again myself... :)

  • @lord-osnap

    Kylie is very versatile voice actress; she easily handled two completely different characters on our project (with different accents), and I'm sure she could do more!

    She's polite and professional and responds to requests right away. A real pleasure to work with, highly recommended!

  • @horror-shop-radio

    I cast Kylie as "Krissy" in the latest episode of my anthology podcast. She is an amazing voice actress and delivered a wonderful performance! She took direction very well and was extremely perceptive and attentive to the notes I gave her. She was able to truly bring the character to life just the way I had imagined. She was able to work under a very tight deadline and gave multiple takes and variations so I had lots of options to work with. Kylie is a consummate professional in every sense of the word and truly a pleasure to work with!

  • @sostudios

    I'm delighted with Kylie's portrayal of Tilde in my visual novel. She worked hard to deliver high quality lines and was a fantastic communicator throughout the process. Would definitely recommend!

  • @carys

    They played Jamie in Deep In The Woods, a Gacha club series. They did a phenomenal job, and I highly suggest casting them in your project.

  • @th3overseer

    Great audio quality and sound levels; I didn't have to clean anything in post. She had a good understanding of the script and provided multiple takes for each line, and she recorded everything and sent it my way in a very timely manner. The few necessary retakes were taken care of extremely quickly. I fully endorse her abilities, and would recommend her for any project.

  • @sirstabalot

    Kylie provided voice work for my student short film 'Endless Days', and she delivered that perfectly and she delivered it fast. I really could not have asked for anything better!

  • @saraconde

    HIGHLY recommend! Nice and easy to work + Kylie is an AMAZING VA

  • @matthewtstratton

    Don't think too hard about it. If Kylie auditions for your project, rest assured that you have at least one part that will come out perfect. She is extremely professional, a joy to work with, and a master at the craft. But the most important part is that she can harness the emotions necessary to bring the character to life and make them completely believable. She voiced a self-absorbed troubled wanna-be Disney Princess for my project, but could have just as easily voiced an evil Queen, a dwarf, or a talking mirror. I full on recommend her to anyone looking for a quality voice artist.