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Major Don's Previously Completed Works

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    About If Pokémon Talked: Generation II


    Now that it's been several months and a lot of the roles for If Pokémon Talked: Kanto Voices have been filled out, I just decided that it's time to open the project for the next generation. Just like the previous project, there will be a lot of roles I will reprise as. Which is the reason why some roles have not been shown. I will list the Pokémon I will reprise as for this project in the video above. There will however be a little more roles available than the last project. I am casting a project for this, because there will be a lot of Pokémon I'm unable to do the voice of for this project, or feel like passing the role onto. Most of these roles will be for the game editions, a lot of them will be for anime editions, but some will specifically be for anime editions only. 


    - A good microphone quality with little to no background noise intact.

    - Discord. I would highly recommend it for better communication.

    Other Notes

    - You can audition for multiple roles. Because there are a lot of roles for this, there's a slight chance you will end up getting cast for at least more than one role. Some roles also have more than one character. It's all because they're part of the same evolution line.

    - Most of them are female at the moment, since there are many roles that I have decided to continue with.

    - I will accept voice over reels. They are not required, but I will accept them.

    - This is not a paid project. (in the future it may end up as paid, but I'm just beginning on this website, and I'm still not too far on YouTube)

    - Please be respectful to others, because I don't want anyone to be vulgar to each other in this community.

    - If there are any questions, don't be afraid to ask me.

    Have fun auditioning!

    About the Creator: Major-Don

    I'm an amateur voice actor and animator with a large amount of skill that goes by the name "Swordterranean40" on YouTube. I have decided to not use the name "Swordterranean40" on Casting Call Club because I thought I would get recognized before I started a project, and felt like a name closer to my actual name would sound better and more professional. I also consider myself an amateur, because at the moment, I have not been involved in courses that involve acting, and have only been in animation classes back in my school days.

    About Me
    I am Canadian, and voice acting and animation have been a huge interest for me. It's been in my interest since I was 19. I have never really been to any courses that involve acting at the moment, but I have a lot of skill for it. So in a way, I'm still beginning. I have been into animation since I was a kid. I still animate to this day, but less often, because animating takes a long time. May end up a whole lot of my time if multitasking on projects. I'm also trying to write/create music as well, but I haven't sang all that often, and never really sang in the past. I've had a few songs in the past, but they were sung badly, off key and off timing. If I try now, it would turn out better than it did in the last 5 years.

    I usually like to show off a variety when doing voice work. The type of voices I do differ a lot. The fact that I was born with a wide vocal range. There are many voice actors that have influenced me since the late 2000s. Cartoons of the 90s and various modern anime have also inspired me for voice acting.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold