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About PiperJG

I'm Piper, or Pip either one. I'm 22 and I love to voice act.The main genres I am interested in currently are anime/animations and mystery.

  • @lerminaura

    Piper here starred as Yang in my RWBY Abridged and she did me a favor of turning my lines in early and short notice to push the episode out early. Has a great voice and is very social to keep team moral high. Never a resting moment with her if you need a pick me up Piper is your cup of tea.

  • @applre

    Piper's pretty cool, I've been in several projects with her. When it comes to voice acting, her range is incredible, and she basically steals all your roles. She's always such a pleasure to talk and work with, so you've done a good if you cast her.

  • @cgz

    Piper starred as Mrs. Miyamizu in the Your Name fandub project I worked on! She's a really sweet person and gets her voice work done as soon as possible! She's been such a pleasure to work with and I most definitely recommend anyone to cast her for any projects!

  • @s_hill733325

    Piper is awesome! She works with me as a fellow voice actor for a project I'm apart of. She's very talented at both writing and voice acting. She's very enjoyable to be around due to her humble and kind personality. She's genuinely very very nice and deserves to be cast. She livens up servers big or small, despite her being a bit scared of bigger servers. She's very welcoming etc etc. I could list off many reasons why you should cast her in all honesty. Trust me, you won't regret it!

  • @wildbore

    I met Piper through a comic dubbing group and noticed her ability and raw talent. She has provided voicework for me as Hina in Domestic Girlfriend Abridged and the Black March in Tower of God Abridged. Piper has fantastic range, able to lend voices to younger characters and the more sultry. She is a hard worker, responds greatly to direction and hands lines in very quickly.

  • @rippilie

    Piper is someone who has consistently provided high quality voice acting with a fantastic range incredibly swiftly! I recall a time where she got all her lines in to me in under an hour after I sent them a script- they are incredible and highly professional. They are also fantastic to work with and she's so lovely and passionate when it comes to voice acting. She has so much raw talent and I would happily recommend her for any project. The amount of work she puts into voice acting is incredibly impressive and inspiring.

  • @kof_digital

    Great actor! Very Pleased with the work! Quick and professional. Highly recommend this talent and would work with them again!