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About Heroton Productions Sonic Projects Group

While not for a specific project, the purpose of this casting call is to call upon actors that would like to participate in future Sonic projects that Heroton Productions has in store for 2018! I figured this is the best way to get people on board for multiple projects rather than having multiple casting calls for each. We're looking for anyone interested in voicing Sonic Characters, and we have a plethora of them, ranging from the original classics all the way to Boom, with a few new faces to spice things up! In the interest of letting you all know what's to come, here's a list of a few projects to be expected in 2018:

  1. Sonic Generation Forces: A fusion of Sonic Generations and Forces, combining both plots, as well as adding what the games lacked in story and characters!

  2. Sonic Boom Redux: A project to flesh out the Alternate Universe of Sonic Boom, ranging from Redubing full episodes of the Show, to little skits here and there, to a redub and fusion of the critically panned video games.

  3. Sonic Adventure Trilogy: A Redub of Sonic Adventure 1, 2 and Sonic 06 that fixes story issues, and also adds in new music with some other goodies.

  4. Shadow the Hedgehog: For True Story: A Movie re-write of the Shadow the Hedgehog game to fix errors in the story and also give it a linear story

  5. etc.
All talent is welcome, but keep in mind for most, if not all the roles, I WILL be looking for voice doubles, but don't worry, I'll provide video references for all roles that I expect voice impressions for. All actors auditioning are expected to know some knowledge of Sonic, either from playing the games, or doing their research on the characters they want to audition for (Unless the character is original), and in the case of the Sonic Boom cast, actors auditioning for those roles are required to have at least watched enough of the show to understand it. So have fun guys and good luck!

PS: Sonic, Shadow, and Jet will be played by myself, just to make that clear, however to be fair to auditioners who are wary, you can find an example of my voice for them in the playlist here:

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