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About natepeach

Discord: natepeach#9100

My online handle is natepeach, but my name is Estey. I'm a student from Central California who VAs as a hobby. I’d love to pursue it professionally in the future, however!

My voice normally fits the best around female characters within the mid-to-high range, but I have kind of a soft spot for young boyish characters as well. I'm always happy to try out anything, though!

Thank you for your interest! Have a heck of a day!

  • @forenza

    This person is SO AWESOME!! I can't believe Nate doesn't have any recommendations! Nonsense! The skill, the craft, the control of their voice is superb and always a gem to listen to! Wherever I see them at, they've always had a great output and personality in the work field while trading lines. A must have for any project!

  • @redphoenix15

    Vincent's quite the actor. Not only able to voice male characters, but even female characters, too. I've seen him in action on my project. He voices Noel, Nu-13, and Rachel; and I must say, his acting skills are quite legit. It's like I was actually hearing the real voice actresses on there. He definitely deserves a lot of credit for pulling something like this off. I can't wait to see more of performances down the road. It's going to be awesome to hear.

    Nice work, Vincent! Keep it up!

  • @patrick-mealey

    I was very lucky to work with Vince on the visual novel Tokyo Re:Connect and have met him through a couple VA servers. He's a really nice guy to talk to. He's also got the most distinctive voice which allows him to take on male and female roles. He uses this great talent to his advantage and I bet he's really gonna make it far. Definitely consider him for a project, you will love his work!

  • @zel

    One of the most underrated VAs of our generation! Seriously, Nate is extremely talented and I am so lucky he's working with me! A very supportive person as well!

  • @jayjitsu

    Okay, so on a serious note, Nate's absolutely amazing. They've got such an incredible range, going from high-pitched young girl to a deep-voiced female. They're so so so fun to work with, maintaining professionalism at necessary times while also able to let loose and have fun when deemed appropriate. They get their work submitted on time, and they're just a general delight to be around. I'd highly recommend them on any project you're thinking about having them in!

  • @n00dl3gal

    Nate and I both work on Hades' Misguidance, and they're a wonderful voice actor, editor, and general person.

  • @rarithlynx

    A very talented VA who delivered my lines within a short period of time. Would work with them again if I had the chance to.