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About TheArashi

Hello World!

Though already out of school and yet still finding myself, I know deep down I find great solace working and pouring my soul into pursuing art. As such, I aspire to delve in VO, feeling I've found my voice for the first time in a long time and looking for opportunities to place it.

I won't try to win you over saying I can do one specific role at its best, or say I can do ANY voice you want. I will say I have a range I work with, as well as constantly building up with experience, so the only time I'm gonna ask for direction is if there's even a remote chance my voice fits for your role. I will ask for critique and comments though, but you are not obligated to comply.

There's a long list of professional VAs that inspire, but to name a few of my favorite inspirationals: Yuri Lowenthal, Johnny Yong Bosch, Richard Epcar, Kirk Thornton, Brian Beacock, Grant George, Todd Haberkorn, Shannon McCormick, Troy Baker, Michelle Ruff, Grey DeLisle/Griffin, Tom Kane, Charlie Adler, Rob Paulsen, Jamieson Price, Tara Platt, Mark Meer, J.G. Quintel, Tom Kenny, Pamela Adlon, Mike Judge, Jason David Frank, Justin Briner, Clifford Chaplin, Darren Jennings, Max Mittleman, D.C. Douglas, Mel Blanc (the original man of 1000 voices)