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Hey there, my name is Allen DerManelian and I'm an aspiring voice actor based in Rhode Island (very rare) who's been voice acting for over 2 (technically 3 years), I hope to one day become a professional voice actor for someone like Funimation, Aniplex or any other dubbing studio.

My range can go from High to mid-low possibly even low and my best types of roles involve high energy characters like shonen protagonists or any over the top role in general to more calm and stoic characters and I'm very open to trying new character types so I'm well versed in the art of doing multiple different character archetypes. 

My voice in terms of other VAs seems to match people like Johnny Yong Bosch, Micah Solusod, Justin Briner, Antony Del Rio, Clifford Chapin and a decent amount of others (I've been studying my range a lot so yeah)

Aside from voice acting I'm also able to mix and voice direct as well, I'm constantly improving my craft :D

Some Voice Actors Who Inspire Me:

Yuri Lowenthal, Johnny Yong Bosch, Richard Steven Horvitz, Kirk Thornton, Matthew Mercer, Tara Platt, Laura Bailey, Kira Buckland, Robbie Daymond, Xander Mobus, Michelle Ruff, Stephanie Sheh, Steve Staley, Tom Kenny, Grey Delisle, Tara Strong, Phil LaMarr, Kari Wahlgren, Steve Blum, Liam O'Brian, Patrick Seitz, Christina Vee, Troy Baker, Doug Erholtz, Micah Solusod and Vic Mignogna.

  • @sichopsysva

    Allen is one of the fastest workers I've had the pleasure of working together with, he delivers his lines in an extremely timely manner and listens to feedback with sincerity taking on all points discussed. He's also a super nice guy! A+ highly recommended!

  • @sichopsysva

    Allen is a committed class-act worker in the voice over community, his voice over efforts in abridged style work never misses the mark. I've seen him refine his skill in the community over the course of this last year and can say he has without a doubt one of the highest rates of improvement and progression compared with any other V.A in the community. He's timely with his line delivery and always on top of his communication. I'd recommend him any day and he's got my support going further on his road in Voice acting.
    Bottom Line=
    - Triple A development
    - Amazing tone variation
    - Sincere about his work

  • @rikakatsu

    Allen is a very kind guy and always willing to do his best, pushing his past boundaries and striving to do his best. He always makes his lines on time and with quality! Also a rather fun guy to just talk to! Dont let his age fool you, he is in for the long haul and I can see him going places!

  • @belrus

    Allen is the perfect example of a voice actor who takes his job as a voice actor and has fun with it! The level of energy, versatility, and productivity in his auditions alone are sure to astound anyone who listens to his voice acting. A hilarious hard worker, Allen is a voice actor I highly recommend working with.

  • @sword-of-swords

    Allen is most definitely a rising star in the voice acting community. Despite his young age, he has proven time and again to be able to express range of emotions in his work that can exceed actors nearly double his age.

    One of the main sources of his success is his passion. He puts 110% into everything he does, and it shows. He's also not afraid to be confident in himself, which can be seen by his friends and casting directors and definitely makes a difference.

    Overall, Allen is a great voice actor and friend who would suited to any project, but especially ones that are comedic and/or involve a lot of shonen yelling,haha.

  • @fanficradio

    Allen is one of the best voice actors we've had the opportunity to work with. Not only does he deliver perfect performances but he also delivers them on time and makes sure they're perfect.

    He voiced Yami Marik in our Yu-Gi-Oh parody of 'A Christmas Carol' and he even showed us a couple new tricks in voice effects.

    It was great working with you on this, Allen! Looking forward to working together more in the future :)

  • @alejo-patten

    He the Man!!!! other words to describe this guy.

  • @redphoenix15

    This guy can do it all. Voice act, video editing, and audio engineering. Throughout my time knowing him, Allen is well skilled in voicing multiple characters in multiple projects he's been a part of, including his own. He's quite a producer, too, displaying his contents at a very fast period of time. He's an amazing actor to have on your project, he'll give it his all and he'll see to that the job gets done.

    Keep up the great work, Allen!

  • @msmeisterva

    Allen knows exactly how to make his characters come to life with an amazing voice to boot. He is friendly and approachable, great to collaborate with, and is very passionate about his work. He also does a swell job with deadlines and communicating with everyone on the production team. Aside from being his director, I have also worked on projects with him as a fellow voice actor and it's been a blast. I consider him to be one of my go-to voice actors for any project (especially when you need a Johnny Yong Bosch or Micah Solusod sound-alike ;D )