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Heya guys, Eloy A. Rosario here! I'm a 24-year old semi-professional voice actor, Theater Actor, Director, Character designer and Editor. I love doing voice work as both my passion and my profession, and I also make my own projects over on my YouTube channel (Where I also do Let's Plays on the side). I mainly profession as a Jason Griffith sound-a-like for Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog and Jet the Hawk, but I can also do a variety of voices ranging from young and old!

I'm not exactly an extremely sociable person, but I love working with others and making a project come together!

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    Heroton is by far the greatest director I’ve had the pleasure of working with, I knew him from a project we were in but eventually I got to work with him on his own project (BlazBlue CF English Dub) and he really shows his experience with how he handles it, he’s one of the few directors I’ve worked for that is actually following through and doing an ambitious project, giving meetings, informing us if things come up and shows a high level of professionalisim with how he’s handling the project, he’s also a great guy to talk to with an extensive amount of knowledge on voice acting, video games, theater, interesting history as well as helpful tips for voice acting. Overall, Heroton is such an underrated voice actor and director who I feel needs more recognition not only for his skill in directing and but also for how human and knowledgeable he is, he’s certainly a role model I look up too :)