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Crazykitty's Previously Completed Works

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About Arknights Voice Dub Project

This a project on a noticeable game around the app store called Arknights, a tower defence strategy RPG developed by Hypergryph. 


I've been playing Arknights and found  it quite enjoyable and there are a lot of characters that I love~ But I just noticed something. There's no English Dub around Arknights! 

So I've been thinking about making a project with a group of voice actors who would love to do voice lines on any type of characters that they like to be!

First things first I'll present you a small script of some of the audio record lines that I will present to you. Then once I been audition I'll give the full set of the character lines!

 BUT there are some tiny rules just in case.

And Oh! Do you like to know the number of characters that you like to know? Perhaps around 100+ or more characters (If I'm right about that...), most of the characters are females and there are some are males around as well.

(Oh boy.) Anyways! Here are the small rules~ 


1. No background noises or any static allowed (Keep it professional)

2. Bloopers are allowed~ (Have fun around lines if you like.)

3. Put some emotion around the lines. < - (UPDATE)

And also I'm going put in the first group in the auditions is the Rhodes Island (Or Reserve OP team if that's what you gotta call it.) characters and one Arim Billiton PLC Character. There's a lot of characters to make a script with. So I'll keep you update if that's alright with you. 



Op Team A4 - 100%

Reserve Op Team - 100%

Arim Billiton - 100%

Blacksteel - 100%

S.W.E.E.P Prototype - 100%

Penguin Logistics - 100%

Karlan Commerical - 100%

Rhodes Island - 100%

Rhine Lab - 100%

Abyssal Hunters - 100%

Followers - 100%

Lungmen - 100%

Victoria - 100%

Babel - 100%

Columbia - 100%

Higashi -  100%

Siesta - 100%

Sami - 100%

Sargon - 100%

Siracusa -100%

Yen - 100%


Well then. Welcome to Arknights English Dub Version Project!

Good luck out there everyone and have fun~!

About the Creator: crazykitty

Hello there!

The name's Crazykitty i'm only a beginner at voice acting but pretty good at video editing and even I love singing! i'm a bit of a (Strong) silent type and even a (Very) shy when i talk to someone (just to let you know.... (・ェ-) ) My dream would be to one day be able to make a good career of being a very well done Voice Actor and being a very good YouTuber, If I ever make it to 50,000 or 100,000 subscribers or whatever it be I might be. I will burst in to tears (Really) I will hug everyone who helped me and supported me! Seriously... One day I want to be a good voice actor as well and get to seen by hundred of people on the internet! You can see me on YouTube! 

My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEhdigc6riK7S4IGCT8NpFg 

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