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Status 9-25-23
Just signed into here for the first time in almost 2 years, I would NOT recommend using this website as a reference of my voice acting abilities. Everything I've done on here is old and exhibits my ability before I took acting classes.
I do not use CCC as a platform anymore, and I don't think I will ever use this platform to audition for stuff except for a small handful of exceptions.

If you want a proper reference of my voice talent, please check my website:

Hey! My name is Will and I'm a Youtube/Tiktok Content Creator, Twitch streamer, and someone who voice acts as a hobby (for now!) :)

My Youtube is where I post videos about games and anime!
My Tiktok is mostly just voiced memes, specifically about Genshin Impact! I've most notably started the Mets trend in the Genshin fandom (yep that was me lol) and I've made many popular memes/audios in the Genshin fandom!

I enjoy most things, anime, comics, movies, video games, you name it.

My instagram is souleaterwill

My discord is in my audition descriptions

Other Details:
If my voice compilation isn't enough, please feel free to check out my completed projects and maybe even some of my auditions if you'd like a reference of my range/talent.

I am willing to take any criticisms or feedback. Please be helpful and mature with criticisms. Telling me I suck isn't going to help me improve.

Recommendations are always appreciated but not expected. If I am a satisfactory cast member in your project (meet deadlines, good personality, etc.), then a recommendation would be incredibly nice! I definitely want to grow as an aspiring voice actor and learn from these experiences.

I am most interested in abridged series and fan-dubs, but I also like fan-games, original works, and other things as well. 

Total Voice Acting Projects Cast for (In and Out of Casting Call Club): ~50

  • @teriyaki

    He works with dedication and returns lines in quick time. Passionate, kind and talented. It was a pleasure working with him.

  • @deathcharms

    Just started up a new project and found souleaterwill randomly on the site. He's great. He fits great with deep tone characters. If you're looking for an main character with some emotion behind the voice. He's the right person to pick. I begin working with him and got my lines send back quick with not problems. No background noise and All in out great!

  • @budwised

    Friendly and does some great voice acting. He nailed almost all of the lines I gave him and we were done really quickly.

  • @deleted18033

    I've had the pleasure of working with Will on various projects and he's amazing! He has great talent and a great sense of humor. It really all just comes naturally to him. From what I've heard, he has great audio quality too! You wouldn't wanna miss out on souleaterwill!!

  • @sleightlyoff

    An incredible joy to work with and an absolute powerhouse of voice acting skill, SoulEaterWill is one of the most charismatic, friendly, and endearing voice actors that I have met. On top of his magnetic personality, he has an incredibly wide range, and has masterful control over his acting and emotion. For these reasons and more, any director would simply be missing out without casting SoulEaterWill for their project!

  • @dreavery

    I am lucky to have had the pleasure to work with Will. He is so incredibly talented and always leaves me impressed. Not only that, but he is a hilarious person with a kind heart. You can tell he loves what he does and it really shines through in his work. I couldn't recommend Will enough!

  • @sidney-rose

    Will is such a chill dude. Lol anyways, he voiced Mondo Owada for my Danganronpa: IF Fandub, and he did a fantastic job. I really enjoyed his performance as Mondo Owada and he sounded very very close to the character's original voice! Will is cooperative, chill, and friendly guy who I had the pleasure of working with. Thank you so much for your enjoyable performance Will. I'm glad I got to work with him. And if any of you ever choose to have him casted in your project, you'd be glad too.