Just a man, looking to bring characters and possibly a few animals to life, cats and Vulpix are my bread and butter! Although Vulpix might be dead soon, because I'm getting older, curse growing older! As far as characters go, well I'm always into romance stuff, and maybe throw in some action.

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About NicknamedChase/Shanghyuga

Hello there, my name is Charles, but please call me Chase.

I was born in Grand Junction, CO. I am also part of one of four Charles's in my family. It is a big family of more than 50 or so cousins, nieces, and nephews. I seriously can't count how many there are, to be honest. Not including my aunts and uncles. In my free time, I love watching anime, I can't get enough of it. Mostly, I am into romance anime... every chance I get to watch a new one or one of my old favorites. I can't help, but break down and cry because I just enjoy all the emotions behind the voices. A dream of mine I have wanted to go on an all-American road trip with my best friends. Just go and enjoy the open road for a few weeks and I enjoy juggling, bowling, snowboarding, and a lot of other activities.

Feel free to contact me through my Twitter @NicknamedChase or my discord at,shanghnicknamedchase(Also just know you might not be able to directly add me if we aren't part of a server, so give me a ping on here or my twitter.)

The projects I would prefer to work on are original work, paid work, and unpaid work. I would prefer nothing fan-based or anything relating to a very popular show in the title.

Projects I am in!

Fight On
--Mois Scarlatina (Also goes by Daniel)

Blurry Past
--AI Voice Message
The Chosen Legacy

Flora's Quest
--Adam(Flora's dad)

The Elemental Wizards

Crimson Waltz
--Military Officer
Soul Beneficiary

---As Student 3

College Directed Shows of two ten-minute plays(Still kind of a rookie, but if you need an assistant director, Just give me a heads up on what you need, and I will do my best to help smooth things out! Thank you!)

---Kingdom of the Spider

WCCC - 2009

Media Tech

Instructed by Dan McClintock

I took the class in highschool, and by the end of the class, I had the knowledge to write scripts, edit audio in sound booth(Adobe audition), also record and edit short movies with a professional movie camera. Though I'd highly prefer editing audio compared to recording and editing movies.

Sunny Blue Studios - 2021

Booking your First Roles

Instructed by Rachael Messer

The class really helped with discussing what you need to focus on with booking your first roles. The teacher had gone over things such as time for what projects you take on and not take on, promotion, tech space, voice techniques of what to do and what not to do and so much more!

Sunny Blue Studios - 2021

All About Auditions

Instructed by Rachael Messer

The class really helped a lot with the do's and don'ts about auditions. These ranged from being on time, to always making sure you go back and 'check' posts and emails before you send them, research the project and the past projects of the company, and even studying the art style of the character to make sure you give them a fantastic voice!


My rates, I charge $2 - $10 dollars for animation, videogames and a few other voiced projects, but willing to negotiate and go lower or higher.

While for commercials, I charge $10 - $15 dollars.

Although, if an animation or videogame is an ORIGINAL work, and you are NOT getting paid, I will gladly accept the role, since it's an original character I'll be voicing, I'd get experience from it, and that is payment enough. 

What NicknamedChase/Shanghyuga is looking for

I am looking for paid, non-paid, and original work projects. I hope to eventually get more experience and make new connections with people in the voice acting community. I joined CCC because I thought maybe it could give me a chance to get my foot in the door better.

  • @cardinal001

    NicknamedChase/ShangHyuga played one of my characters named Military Officer for the project "Crimson Waltz". I enjoyed working with them and it helped a bunch in making my project come to life. Thanks for everything ShangHyuga. I look forward to working with you again in the future soon.

  • @jt424

    Charles voiced the dad of a little girl in my audiobook "The Elemental Wizards." He was a natural/ He had the perfect "dad" voice. He submitted lines quickly and efficiently. He's a total professional. I'm sure anyone would enjoy working with him! 

  • @jt424

    Charles voiced a robber in my audiobook "The Elemental Wizards." He matched the robber's attitude and slimy personality perfectly. He submitted his lines quickly and efficiently. He was a total professional. I hope you consider him for voice work!

  • @jt424

    Chase voiced Rafe,a 17-year-old gang member in my audiobook "Fight On." I had worked Chase before in one of my other auidobook, but this was the first time I worked so close with him on a bigger character. He is so professional in many ways: his clear, trained voice, his high quality audio. But, the best part was how he took direction. 

    In the audition, I mentioned how the character of Rafe was inspired by the character Hatsuharu Soma from the anime "Fruits Basket." I could tell that Chase was the only one who had watched the anime because his vocire for Chase was right in Hatsuharu's range. A big pat of any kind of acting is trusting the director and their vision, and I appreciate how Chase trusted what i wanted Rafe to sound like and just went with it. He is a true talent and a true professional.