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Dela 🎙️

I'm a Filipino-American Voice Actress on a mission to bring your project to life. Let’s connect! 

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About Dela 🎙️

Based in Northern California, Dela is a Filipino-American, Non-Union Voice Actress ready to take your project to the next level.

Her melodic vocal tone and passion for transforming into new characters (sometimes literally) is what makes working with Dela a special experience. From playful, sultry, dramatic, and everything in between, Dela has the right voice for you. She has taken Steve Blum's Voiceover Training series and studied under MLA Entertainment.

Dela records remotely out of her fully equipped Silver Series VocalBooth with her Neumann TLM 103 Condenser Microphone, Scarlett 3rd Gen Audio Interface, and Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) composed of Source Connect Standard, Adobe Audition and Audacity. 

Her ultimate goal? To connect with your project on a deeper level and take your vision above and beyond anything you imagined. Book with Dela today!

For information on booking, quotes, availability, and more - please contact Dela at delbellzva(AT)

VO Representation: Visions Talent Agency | Jager Campbell Talent Agency | Bigmouth Voices | Dan Wachs Talent


Animation, Video Games, Commercials, Promos, Narration, ADR/Looping, E-Learning, Cooperate, Audiobooks, and more!

Voice Range: Children, Female Young Adult/Middle Aged/Elderly 

Special Skills: Accents (Standard American, Southern American, Texas, British RP, French, Irish, South African, Scottish, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Hawaiian, Arabic, Boston, New York, Northern and Eastern European), ADR/Looping, Voice Matching, Improv, Efforts and Shouting, Laughter, and Creature Voices.



  • Koko Ray & Mickie in Tomo & Miho by Uncle Yuu

  • Captain Millie & Selena the Lunala in the Animated Webtoon Series: Dimensional Pirates by Gijinka Journey

  • Sandkin Ghost Lady in the Animated Youtube Series by The Obsidian Archives

  • Nia in the Indie Animation Series: Beta Crystal by Dream Arc Studios

  • Cassandra/Cassandra's Mother in the Indie Animation Series: Aurora by Dream Arc Studios

  • Glarina/Iris in Cante: The Land of Hearts by Altabe Studio

  • Mother: VA in The Giant Wolves by Homeless Animator

  • Jack Talk Hater/Fan/Teressa in Jack Talk by I Married a Monster on a Hill

  • Cheerleaders (x5) in El Cheapo: Episodes 1-4 by The Cody Bannon

  • Queen Celeste in Maho Shojo Akemi-chan Enchantcia by MagixLux Studio

  • Athena in Bulb of Light by Joey

  • Mary Mars in The Planet Children by Zoid

  • Zane Thompson in Weird Existence by WEX Production

  • Harmony in Guidebook To Adventure by Red

  • Kori in Aureum by Project Aureum

  • Xami in Castout City (Pilot) by Christian Nahuliak

  • Glinda in FAITH by Nytoonz T.V Animations

  • Isabella Oakly in I Fell In Love With My Depressed Best Friend by Cherry

  • Assorted Secondary Characters in Champions of Balance by Champion of Balance

Video Games

  • The Black Market's Legs in Magnetic Bonds by Magbo

  • Glarina/Iris in Cante: The Land of Hearts by Altabe Studio

  • Ayura in Aurora Hearts by Project Aurora

  • Kira/Enemy Warmother in Tower of Kalemonvo by Kalemonvo

  • Rosalynn Elsworth in Vampire Huntress: Lament of the Sun by Vampire Huntress

  • Extra 2: Female Voice 1 in Saṃsāra Ouroboros! by Skinkami Productions

  • Raven in The Cecil: The Journey Begins by Genie Interactive Games

  • Jack Talk Hater/Fan/Teressa in Jack Talk by I Married a Monster on a Hill

  • The Constrictor in Valeria The Pagan Priestess by Gauchobot

  • Gestalt in Chrono Mirror by Forte Indie Dev

  • Additional Voices in Body by Ryan X. Messcher & Systems Studio

  • Annie Alice & Oderys, The Wanderer in FADE by Knight by Night

  • Miss Betin in Dawn of Fear by BlackHawk Games

  • Murder Goose in Murder Goose by Ivypup10

  • Weaver in 1306 by RJDev

  • Kim Minseo in Last War by Studio Topaz

  • Headless Mule in Visagens by Demetrio Braga


  • Celia in Archion Podcast Series by Caleb Thomas Hughes

  • Dawson/Regan in A. Mantilla's Songs from the East Coast by A.Mantilla

  • Ella in Krampus Vs. Santa by SabeFilms

  • Narrator in a Universe Podcast: Halcyon Revealed by Masks: A New Generation

  • Maya in E-Learning Against Sexual Violence by Elixir Studio from France

  • Adira in A Distorted Future (Volume 1) by Flock

  • Inako Black/Aphrodite in Darkness Falls Yokai Detective Agency by Cactus Cat Creations LLC

  • Victoria in Treachery by Scifi Shenanigans

  • Submarine Operator in The Corroded Abode by SabeFilms


"Dela is a wonderful VA and amazing person to work with. She did an excellent job with her role in my game, Magnetic Bonds, where she portrayed the Black Market's Legs, a strong and confident female antagonist. I was super happy with the way she portrayed the variety of emotions experienced by the character throughout the story. She delivered her lines promptly as well and kept me informed during the entire process. It was a pleasure to work with her, as she was always professional and mature, and I hope to be able to utilize her talents again in the future." - Magbo (Game Developer & Artist)

"Dela has been an absolute pleasure to work with every time! Absolutely nailing both comedy and drama and always shows great enthusiam for whatever she works on!" - Uncle Yuu (Animator & Writer)

"It was a pleasure to work with Dela. A passionate and quick voice actor, able to bring the characters she voices to life. I recommend her to anyone looking to hire her." - GijinkaJourney (Webtoon Comic Artist & Writer)

"Working with Dela was stellar from start to finish. She handled a complex script and specific requests without a hitch and delivered the results the very next day. She is passionate, talented and has a clear understanding of what I needed as a developer. I will be eagerly working with Dela again in the future!" - Osur (Game Developer)

"My experience working with Dela was fairly brief, but it was by far one of the most pleasant experiences I’ve had in hiring and working with voice actors/actresses. Dela’s many great qualities include being a very friendly person, having a quality voice and voice setup, being very receptive to feedback and great at following instructions, and putting her best effort into every take that she submits. Dela was cast as an extra for one line in an episode of my (as of right now, upcoming) show, but based on her stellar performance, I feel like I sold both of us short – I’m definitely keeping her in mind for a future, more prominent role in a later episode or project." - Cody Bannon (Animator/Writer)

"Dela is an incredible and passionate talent. Working with her is easy and her commitment to your project is top-notch! I look forward to future projects and would recommend her for your voice-acting roles!" Sabe Films (Screenwriter/Director)

"When you book Dela for your project, you are guaranteed quality, memorable voice talent with fast, professional, and friendly communication. Hands down, one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had working with a voice actor.

"Dela has a distinct melodic quality to her medium-pitched voice which makes her performances stand out; however, her range and versatility is incredibly wide which makes her perfect for whatever your specific needs may be. Whether you are in need of grounded, relatable reads or something highly animated or driven by emotion, Dela can deliver and take direction with blissful ease.

Having coached and directed Dela on countless occasions, I can promise you will be amazed with her infectious enthusiasm and dedication to her work. She is highly considerate and friendly as well as hardworking and focused. She gets the job done fast and manages to elevate the quality of every project she is a part of." - Keiko (MLA Entertainment)

"Us at Genie Interactive Games recently had the pleasure of working with Dela, a supremely talented voice actor, on our horror game, "The Cecil: The Journey Begins." Dela's work as the voice of Raven was nothing short of exceptional. Her ability to capture the essence of the character and bring it to life with such authenticity was truly remarkable.

What set Dela apart was not just her evident talent but her professionalism. She is exceptionally quick and efficient in her work, consistently delivering high-quality recordings ahead of schedule. This efficiency made our development process smoother and more streamlined.

Moreover, Dela is an absolute delight to work with. Her approachable and friendly nature made every interaction enjoyable. She is incredibly understanding and adaptable, always willing to take feedback and incorporate it into her work seamlessly. This level of collaboration is rare and greatly appreciated." - Genie Interactive Games (Game Developer)

"I loved your lines!! It was a pleasure to work with you!!" - BlackHawk Games (Game Developer)

"Working with Dela is great. She's talented, friendly, and puts in a lot of effort. In our project "I Married a Monster on a Hill," she voices the character Teressa and really brings out the character's emotions. She's also good at taking suggestions for improvements, making her a valuable team member. Besides her main role, Dela does background voices too, like the Jack Talk Hater/Fan, and she's excellent in these parts as well. She's definitely someone I'd recommend for any project because of her skill and team spirit." - Tatiana Stec (All Ages of Geek, LLC)

"Dela is one of the most talented, passionate, and fast V.A.s I've ever met! She's very skilled and a pleasure to work with. She understands the direction pretty fast and can nail a character without any difficulty. Couldn't be happier. More than recommend!" Demetrio Braga (Game Developer)

Sunny Blue Studios - 2023

Instructed by Rachael Messer
Voiceover Course - 2023

Character Building Workout

Instructed by Loganne Digma
MLA Entertainment - 2023

Private Voiceover Coaching

Instructed by Keiko

Sound On Studio - 2024

Instructed by Heather Gonzalez, Zehra Fazal, Christine Marie Cabanos, Kirsten Day, Christian La Monte, Greg Chun, Joe Hernandez, America Young, Brenna Larsen, Ratana, Samantha A. Morrison, Patrick Seitz, and Chris Hackney.
Joe Zieja's Voice Acting Academy - 2023

Voice Acting Course

Instructed by Joe Zieja
Blumvox Studios - 2020

Unleash Your Voice

Instructed by Steve Blum

Strawberry Hill Studio - 2024

Intro To Anime Walla Voice-Over Workshop

Instructed by Morgan Berry
MLA Entertainment | Keiko - 2024


Instructed by Keiko
Event Brite - 2024

Instructed by Gina Scarpa
Studio NPC - 2024

Instructed by Shawn Gann and June Yoon

SkillsHub - 2024

Instructed by Vanessa Marshall, Brook Chalmers, Jeremy Hall and Chris Borders
Real Voice LA - 2024

Video Games/Animation

Instructed by Matthew David Rudd, Craig Lee Thomas and Keythe Farley
- 2024

Live Action Dubbing

Instructed by Anthony Rodriguez

Voiceover Rates: I charge $0.50 per word, $2.00 per line, and/or $250 per hour. Prices are negotiable. I do take some voluntary projects from time to time depending on how busy my work schedule is and if it's a project I'm interested in.

I DO NOT do voiceovers for fanmade projects. I only accept voiceover gigs for original projects.


Feel free to message me if you have any questions regarding my rates :) 

What Dela 🎙️ is looking for

My main goal is to pursue a career in voiceover work full-time.

  • @jazaxiee

    She's YES. Okay that didn't make sense but she's amazing for mature woman voices! Like parents and etc, I just have her as a mom voice actor and she has done amazing! She turned in her lines right away when given the script. Plus the fact she's easy to talk to! Love ya!

  • @leopardlover

    Delbellz is an amazing voice actor! I highly recommend her. She did amazing on her character and submitted her lines quicker than expected. You won't regret casting her. I'm glad that she foud my project!

  • @futurebestiegacha

    she is a very nice and talented girl and she is good with her voice i know cause she submmited a audition for me and as soon as i heard it i casted her so go follow her social websites and apps and listen to her amazing voice

  • @therealgingerale

    I have heard her voice, it is amazing. That's why I decided to cast her as the mom of my project! She has everything I wanted in my role's voice and probably will for you too! With her as mom, my project is so much different! So much more realistic.

  • @ysd

    Very good voice actor, greatly helped me with my project.

  • @ellieyates

    Hello! I'm Galaxy! I run Bnha2gen that Delbellz is apart of. She is fun to work with and always gets the job done! Her mic is very clear and she gives in to her character a lot! I had a great time working with her, and I expect she will have fun with my new project

  • @avalve

    Her Voice is Beautiful (10/10 Mooncakes)She auditioned for one of my roles (Tone is Stern but Soft) and did amazing. Definitely should be your number one choice if she auditions for your project UwU. Also I need to mention if you cast her, she is really polite and mature. That is definitely something you should look for in VAs

  • @abver09

    As a project manager myself, I am impressed with her vocal range. Even though there was no accent, I still liked it enough to cast it.

  • @deleted333550

    Well, we haven't finished the project yet, but I already have so much to say! Like she is very sweet! And easy to talk to! Her voice is amazing and so beautiful. She's new but she's already amazing! Not only did she sound mature but she acts mature too! I already know that she's going to help the projects succeed and be amazing! I totally recommend her! 100%! :)

  • @sacred-studios

    I decided to cast DelBellz to my project because her unique and stylized voices matched the look I needed for my series. She got her lines done to me completely the exact same day I sent them to her, and I find that quite impressive. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a strong female voice. On top of this, she didn’t mind playing minor characters either. It is personally difficult for me to find dedicated actors for minor characters, but she had no problem performing this. She was also quite flexible, as my timing isn’t always the best, but she always managed.

  • @makss122

    She is a very good voice actor. She knows how to reflect the essence of the character with her voice, thanks to which her work is perfect. In my game, she voiced the woman Jessica, and she voiced just fine, I have no words. Everything that I wanted to hear from the character she perfectly conveyed, she perfectly conveyed all the emotions!

  • @v-meister71

    Delbellz gave me what she had in store, and I am glad I casted her for one of my projects. Please do consider her for projects of your own :D

  • @gachavoice

    I heard Delbellz’s audition and was left SPEECHLESS. I was so astonished by how excellent the sound was and how much sentiment was put into it. We haven’t even completed our project yet. I feel like I have so much to say, but I’m speechless. There’s not a phrase to describe it! Try casting her in your project. You won’t be disappointed!

  • @angiexcait

    She is very helpful and turns in her work on time. She even fixed her recordings in such a short amount of time. Helped greatly with my schedule and my time crunch project.

  • @angeliicbuni

    Delbellz is extremely friendly and an amazing voice actor! She's very talented and I'm super happy to have her in my project. She's also responsive and overall a kind person. I'm happy to be working with her<3

  • @spinysky

    Delbellz is a great voice actress who will always try her hardest to get the line perfect. She is very kind and amazing to work with.

  • @cadvo

    An exceptional voice talent, I had the privilege of working alongside Del on a project, in which she swept through the lead role with ease. Her performance, in addition to being a joy to listen to, was such an enabler in recording my own lines and creating a dialogue for action and reaction in the scene. And if not sold enough, you'd be hard pressed to find a more pleasant person to talk to and work with. She's an all-around gem.

  • @uncle-yuu

    She's very receptive to criticism and tweaking her audition until it's just right and has a very good voice overall. Highly recommended.

  • @elle3113

    Excellent voice actor. And was very prompt in getting her lines in. 10/10

  • @gso

    I decided to cast Delbellz to my project because her European voice matched the look I needed for my series. She got her lines done to me completely in a week, and I find that quite impressive. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a strong female voice. Get this girl an agent. Immediately.