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About sam ♢

i'm sam.

♢  white, american (southern californian) transmasc VA. on T. started VA in 2017. adult.

♢  if you want to contact me for your project, please DM me on discord @sirsamgrace. you don't need to send me a friend request.

voice acting escapades youtube playlist [pre-T, 2017-2022] ♢

voice acting escapdes youtube playlist [2023-present]

  • @lunafreya

    I was always seeing Sam everywhere, but once we were both cast in a of couple projects together, I got to see how much of an incredible and hilarious person he really is. The absolute range and emotion in that voice! I can see why he is landing numerous roles! You will never be disappointed if you cast Sam in your project. You can cast him for multiple roles just due to range alone. I always enjoy talking to Sam when we're in a voice call together and the talent and potential are so high, I'm starstruck every time.

  • @bearpuff4

    Sam is an amazing voice actor!! He gets his lines in faster than I can open the scripts whenever we work on projects together, and he’s super fun to get along with! If you seem him audition for your project, you better cast him right away 👀

  • @duckii_chan

    sam is an absolutely wonderful voice actor! i saw his name frequently on a lot of the same projects that i auditioned for. me and him have been cast in several projects together and it is such a joy to work alongside him. the range of voices that he has is amazing! sam's voice acting is incredible, and he is an extremely nice person to talk to. If you see sam audition for your project, definitely consider casting him. you won’t regret it!

  • @seym_dna

    If you needed someone with different vocal range/pitch then you should choose Sam. You can't even tell that all these characters were voiced by the same person.

  • @harudori

    I have worked alongside samgrace both as fellow voice actors and as a director that provided lines for him. Without a doubt samgrace is one of the best fast rising voice actors out there currently on CCC and on other platforms. His work ethic is nothing but extraordinary and his talent shines above all else. I cannot wait to see samgrace progress more in this industry, and I'm sure you won't regret being able to experience the same.

  • @bna_va

    OMG STAN SAM!! He has been voice acting for a long time, and has gotten better A LOT during the time! I have heard his voice in countless projects and has done FRICKEN AMAZING! He's hardworking, talented, and etc etc. Also really chill, and nice person to work/vibe with! TOTALLY RECCOMMEND YOU TO CAST HIMM<3

  • @probably-sea

    Sam is such an incredible voice actor! He is AMAZING at acting out his characters and is so expressive with everything he does! (His range though 😳 kinda epic) He’s so funny and awesome to work with, and I’m glad that I’ve gotten the opportunity to do so! I would highly recommend casting him if he auditions for your project!

  • @nvstolgia

    Where am I able to even begin with the amazing voice and works of samgrace? Samgrace is notably one of the most TALENTED VAs to come onto Casting Call Club! Everywhere you go, his voice is there, every audition perfected to a tee with such a varied amount of character and range! You will expect nothing less from sam's performance and voice once you listen to his work, as a matter of fact, with every audition you come across, you'll become more and more impressed! Truly a talent that deserves more recognition than he already has!

  • @deleted385240

    I've seen samgrace in so many voice-acted series its incredible! He has so many vocal ranges and will voice for such a wide variety of characters. I definitely recommend!