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Hey, everyone. My name is DeeKar and I'm a voice actor for fun. In the future, I might pursue a career in VA work but as of now I just do fun little projects as a hobby. My goal on this platform is to improve my craft and meet amazing people along the way.

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    DeeKar approached me during a Casting Call for a FNV mod titled NCR Marines - NCR Special Forces to offer his voice as a Former Raider.

    First off, speed. He was extremely swift and punctual in getting his work in by the stated deadline and whenever he had questions, he made sure to ask in order to make sure his work was satisfactory. If he had to do retakes, he did them quickly and without hesitation.

    Secondly, his voice. He did such an amazing job with his character that, in a way, sounds almost like the generic Fallout 3 Male Raiders. That's real talent right there since their voices were so sinister and cocky, it made them really feel like bad guys.

    Finally, microphone quality. Needless to say, because I can be quite picky, his setup was great! Whatever he's doing, he needs to keep it up.

    All in all, I highly recommend DeeKar and would jump at the chance to work with him again.

    Proof of work received: