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Isabel Ye

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About Isabel Ye

Hi there! 

I'm Isabel and as you can already tell, I very much enjoy voice acting! 

On here I'm just mainly actively trying to practice and gain as much experience as I can with my voice!

But, if I get the most honourable chance to be apart of your projects; I will for sure aim to put my all and deliver my best performance to breathe these characters to life! 

I also welcome any feedback and if you have any other enquires, just feel free to shoot me a message! xD 

Oh! On a personal level, I'm pretty open minded and a friendly person! So don't worry I won't bite! :D

Thanks for stopping by! ^^

  • @cap_va

    There are so many great things to say about Izzy! First, she is very kind to everyone she works with. Izzy also works extremely hard to bring forth quality content, and it shows in her projects! Izzy also is very helpful to her project partners because she provides amazing feedback and suggestions to those that ask for her critique. All in all, Izzy is a great talent and person, and I HIGHLY recommend her for your projects!

  • @yulu

    Now Izzy, She is the greatest, her vocal range, amazing, and she is just a great person overall. I would recommend her to any project that you can get her in!

  • @magnusva

    Izz is truly the definition of kind and caring. She can light up any workplace with her beaming personality. This is only scratching the surface of her true ability, under that kindness rests pure raw talent. Izz has a fantastic vocal range that can go from soft and gentle all way to rough and powerful! If you are ever struggling with an audition, Izz is always happy to give fantastic advice that is easy to explain and apply. I can not recommend Izz enough for any project that she applies for and YES I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!

  • @itsthepinoyboy

    Izz is such a joy to work alongside. It only took a few months of working with and alongside Izz to realize how much of a kind and caring voice actress she is. Not only is she a pleasure to work with, but she is also a fantastic voice actress as well! She has a very solid range that can fit many different characters! Another great thing about Izz is that she loves to help other people out with voice acting. She always takes to time to help others by giving them advice and critiques to their performance, guiding them to their best performances! Izz is a wonderful asset that I would recommend anyone to add on to their project!

  • @mavvo

    One word to describe Isabel would be dedication. We worked on a long term project together during one of our busiest time in our lives. Izzy provided the needed files when requested and followed instructions very well. She even followed specific technical instructions given by me relating to equipment. She is a great team player with a wonderful personality as bright as sunshine and someone you can rely on. You will not go wrong with Izzy on your team. 

  • @artybreeze

    Isabel is an amazing voice actress and absolutely fantastic to work with! She was the voice of the Tree Spirit for my animated thesis film, 'Felled', and she delivered an exceptional performance. She is extremely versatile as a voice actress, and it was impressive how she could nail a wide range of emotions authentically - from comically happy, angry and vengeful to soft, emotional and tearful. Her audition was a definite standout from all the ones I've listened to. Furthermore, she is very friendly, enthusiastic and easy to communicate with and always does multiple takes on each line when requested. I highly recommend Isabel for your next project! 

  • @duckin_va

    Isabel is a great and amazing voice actress with amazing talent. She's quick to respond and does a phenomenal job. I highly recommend her!

  • @jaykenjii

    Astounding voice actress with a talent of being able to bring characters to life! All professional talk aside, Izz is amazing and has never disappointed me! I've thrown characters of different ranges, backgrounds, voices, and she has been able to match them. Other than that, she's really fun to work with, friendly, and always has provided her lines on time and with amazing communication. Huge vouch!

    Jay Kenji


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