Ribz/Rebecca Danae

Ribz/Rebecca Danae

I get paid to scream

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About Ribz/Rebecca Danae

Hi, I'm Ribz/Rebecca Danae and I voice act professionally on the internet.

Setup: Soundtreated space, Neumann TLM103, Apollo Twin X Interface

Add me on Discord if you have any inquiries: RibzVA

The Voice Actors Studio - 2022

Anime Voice Work

Instructed by Brent Mukai
The Voice Actors Studio - 2022

VO Commercials - 4 Week Workshop

Instructed by Melissa Moats
The Voice Actors Studio - 2022

VO Demo Prep Bootcamp

Instructed by Melissa Moats
What Ribz/Rebecca Danae is looking for

I am currently looking for professional projects to audition for.

  • @yandereva

    Honestly, Ribz is an amazing voice actor she is also the sweetest thing on earth. Her voicing is amazing i have never seen such perfection from anyone. If you have her voicing for you, your really lucky and should cast her. she is an angel

  • @emilytran

    Hello, I have received only 1 episode of Voice work from Ribz, but honestly she is so TALENTED! She has so many voice ranges, ranging from high to low. She can get the lines in as soon as you'd like, and she listens so carefully. I recommend you to accept her as your next voice actress! <3

  • @poltergei5t

    Ribz is a fellow member of The Dub Club and has a charming voice. I believe Ribz has the potential to become a great voice actress and is willing to try any role you throw at her. She is a good team member shown though kindness, hard work, and dedication she puts into projects along with amazing acting. If you need a female voice over artist, feel free to message her to try out for your casting call!

  • @kadieva

    My good friend Ribz here is playing a part in my Va! The main character actually. She has really good skills, and really feels the character . She has a good voice tone, and can really stay in voice and tone. She's also really kind, and is really good at sending her lines early, or on time. My friend here also has a great mic! Casting her in a Va, would be the best thing thats ever happened to your youtube channel!!

  • @the-darkest-empress

    She was a delight to work with. Provided the lines needed, took into account the requests for the delivery of each one of them and did an overall outstanding job. Efficient, and a great attitude. I Wholeheartedly recommend her.

  • @necromango

    I work with Ribz on an ongoing manga dub project. She is extremely talented, hardworking and easy to work with. Ribz is constantly looking to improve her voice acting abilities and has a wide acting range. I really can't give enough praise - highly recommend casting Ribz for your next project!

  • @constantine254

    Ribz came in with the clutch! if it wasn't for her my project would have been delayed. If you're looking for a reliable and very talented voice actress look no further. Looking forward to working with her again in my future projects!

  • @stillthinkingu-u

    Ribz a cool person :D She's very nice, and she has a very pretty voice. We aren't working on any project together sadly (I think?), but besides that, I'm always happy to congratulate her whenever she's casted!

  • @figment-sl

    Ribz auditioned to my project quickly and professionally, and that goes double for her delivery of the lines recorded! She is diligent and skilled in her craft! I highly recommend this voice actor for any project she auditions for!

  • @deleted463272

    Ribz is an awesome voice actor. Her work is unlike anything I have received before. She matches that tone And is easy to work with. i'd totally hire her for a TV show if I worked at a popular network.

  • @ed-falconius

    I cast Ribz as Abby, an angry ex. Ribz posted an excellent audition full of genuine emotion. Once we started collaborating on the project she was always quick to respond, provided multiple takes with clean audio and good choices for me to work with, and took direction well. It was a pleasure working with her. I highly recommend Ribz.

  • @delbellz

    An exceptionally talented voice actress no doubt! Not only is she naturally talented voice wise, but she is a total sweetheart <3 I'm absolutely honored to be working on several projects with her and I look forward to seeing her voiceover career take off in so many incredible ways. Cheers to our new friendship and our future endeavors ahead! I definitely recommend her for any projects that is in need of a strong, determined and passionate female voice! You won't regret it! She is an absolute one of a kind :)

  • @v-meister71

    This girl is exceptional! I had her voice in a comic dub of mine, and her performance was spot on! She seems to have a valuable reputation, so I am glad she was a part of my project! She has my deepest respect and gratitude as a result of her work! Please do cast her for your projects more often, she has a bright future ahead of her!

  • @blackflashva

    Super talented and great to work with, delivering high quality and well-done lines, even early!

  • @jaredcunanan101

    She has an amazing voice! I would recommend her for voice acting and a bunch of other stuff. She works hard and tries her best! Very friendly and hard working.

  • @sidney-rose

    There is so much to say about this girl. She is INCREDIBLY talented and I HIGHLY recommend that you consider her for your project! She provided the voice of an energetic support character in my comic dub project, and she completely NAILED the overall attitude of the character, as well as her emotions. Not only does she do such a fantastic job with voice acting, but she is also very committed to whatever part she has in a project and she's very responsive and polite. If you are looking for an upbeat young adult female voice, she's your best bet!

  • @myherouraraka

    100000/10 Voice Acting Experience
    Ribz is one of the most determined, passionate, and kind people I've met throughout my experiences in the VA world. If you're looking for one of the most talented and hard-working people on the site you've found your girl! She is an incredibly talented voice actor and has an incredible personality to match! Ribz is by far one of the kindest people I've had the pleasure of meeting on the site. Her technique is practically flawless and she sounds as professional as a real cartoon or anime voice actor! She is an extremely passionate person when it comes to her VA work and whether she's cast as an extra or a lead I can confidently say she'll give it her all! In all of her work, you can truly see just how much passion and emotion she puts into every one of her projects. This kind of talent is something that just can't be faked and it's a rare skill to find, you will never doubt your decision to cast her. Throughout my time working with her she's been incredibly kind and even proceeds kind and helpful feedback! She is a pleasure to be around and I couldn't be happier with my experience. Save yourself the stress and do yourself a favor and cast this incredibly talented voice actor! You won't only leave satisfied with the work you received but also with an incredibly kind new friend!

  • @mister123taco

    She is the female lead for my abridged project. Her voice and acting was just what I was looking for. She always met deadlines and was understanding when it came to redo of lines. She is professional and I was glad to work with such talent!

  • @simplyluxly

    I'm really glad that I got a chance to have her on my team. Her audio's were clear (which was pretty important to me) and she expressed emotions very well. I would really suggest her! She provided the lines very fast and was a pleasure to work with!

  • @carys

    Ribz is such an amazing voice actor. She was the main character in Deep In The Woods, a Gacha club series. She always got her lines in on time, and she always went above and beyond. I had an amazing experience working with her, and she was perfect for the particular character. She has an amazing vocal range, and I would STRONGLY recommend casting her for your next project.