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Actress, Writer & Director | Graphic Artist | Audio Engineer

Liz | 22 | British | She/Her


I've been a professional stage actress for 8+ years, voice actress for 6. My main passion is voicing video-game & audio drama, my favourite themes being fantasy, romance, action, and horror, but am always open to anything that interests me ~*


I specialise in writing for theatre and live performance, having just finished a Masters degree in it, but am currently aiming to break into writing for videogame and agency-driven immersive experiences. My work is heavily influenced by gender and identity, and is a stylistic mix of gritty naturalism and magical realism.

~ Check out my website, if ya feelin' wild ~ 


Original Project/Games/Paid Indie :


- <100 words - £100 minimum

- 100 - 200 words - £0.95/word

- 201 - 300 words - £0.85/word

- 301 - 500 words - £0.75/word 

- 501 - 750 words - £0.65/word

- 751 - 1250 words - £0.55 - £0.60/word

- 1251 - 2500 words - £0.45 - £0.50/word

- 2501 + words - £0.35 – £0.40/word

Free Indie Games (Free to Download Games): 


- £0.20 - 0.25 per word (£50-55 minimum)




- £75-100 minimum per session hour – open to negotiation depending on length

Video/Mobile Game :


£150-225 per session hour / 500 words (w/ 2hr minimum)


You can also find me on Fiverr :




Full details of my voice acting portfolio and clientele can be found on my website.


Titus Andronicus | Tamora | Humanity Theatre, Coventry

Romeo and Juliet | Nurse | Humanity Theatre, Coventry

Merchant of Venice | Prince of Morocco | Humanity Theatre, Coventry

Rhinoceros | Jean | Humanity Theatre, Coventry

This Changes Everything | Kim | GLive, Guildford

Chatroom | William | Jubilee Theatre, Haslemere

DNA | Danny | Electric Theatre, Guildford

Agnes of God | Dr. Martha Livingstone | Jubilee Theatre, Haslemere

Long John Silver | Treasure Island | Jubilee Theatre, Haslemere

Just So: the Musical | The Eldest Magician | Jubilee Theatre, Haslemere


Big Life | 2020/staged reading | performed at Soho Theatre, London

| 2020 | performed at Matchstick Theatre, London

Falling Birds | 2019 | performed at Humanity Theatre, Coventry

Hormones | 2018 | performed Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry


"You're an extraordinarily talented actor and I'm humbled to have you helping me with this game. Your lines are a pleasure to listen to and you consistently read lines with an effortlessly natural intonation, which is rarer than you might think!" - Nick James Pearce, The Forgotten City

"Your voice sounds very mature for your age. While you may not know what it's like to be 30, your voice and the way you wield it is very convincing. It will be an honor to work alongside such a talented and rising actress." - Stephen Quammie, The Purgatorians

"Talent like yours is unique, and I thank you so much for displaying it for our ears!" - @Kellafella

"Celestielle is extremely talented and professional, as well as very easy to work with … I really cannot say enough positive things about her!" – @Oracus0

"Her attitude and approach to her work has been exemplary ... I have no hesitation in recommending her" - Dr. Wallace McDowell, University of Warwick

Casting Calls and Auditons

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