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Voice Actor
Video Editor
Audio Engineer
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    Audio Editing
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    Voice Acting
    Voice Over
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    Female (mid-low voice)
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    Young Adult
  • Accents
    Received Pronunciation
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Actress, Writer & Director | Graphic Artist | Audio Engineer

Liz | 22 | British | She/Her


Best known for playing Dwemora in top Skyrim DLC 'The Forgotten City' (now in development as a standalone game), and being two-time winner of Sims International Film Fest's 'Best Voice Actress' award.

My natural voice is mid-low, rich, English Received Pronunciation, singing alto/tenor, but I'm up for the challenge of all things Cockney, Scottish, or North American. I won't pretend to be an expert, but it's all in good practice!


I've been a stage actress for 8+ years, voice actress for 5. My main passion is voicing video-game & audio drama, my favourite themes being fantasy, romance, action, and horror, but am always open to anything that interests me ~*


I specialise in writing for theatre and live performance, currently undertaking a Masters degree in it, but I also have a passion for writing and editing binaural radio dramas - these are typically serialised, but will occasionally be feature-length one-shots (depending on how ambitious I'm feeling) ~*


If Leeches Ate Peaches - a loose radio adaptation of Emilie Autumn's The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls - expected to release late July, 2020

~ Check out my website, if ya feelin' wild ~ 

Thanks for stopping by, and have a lovely day x


Original Project/Games/Paid Indie :


- <100 words - 95 – £100 minimum

- 100 - 200 words - £0.95/word

- 201 - 300 words - £0.85/word

- 301 - 500 words - £0.75/word 

- 501 - 750 words - £0.65/word

- 751 - 1250 words - £0.55 - £0.60/word

- 1251 - 2500 words - £0.45 - £0.50/word

- 2501 + words - £0.35 – £0.40/word

Free Indie Games (Free to Download Games): 


- £0.20 - 0.25 per word (£50-55 minimum)




- £75-100 minimum per session hour – open to negotiation depending on length

Video/Mobile Game :


£150-225 per session hour / 500 words (w/ 2hr minimum)


You can also find me on Fiverr :




The Forgotten City | Dwemora | The Modern Storyteller

Citizens of Tamriel | Idara | Craftian

Citizens of Tamriel III | Sarath | Craftian

Valley of Heroes | Lucille | Artemov Games

World Encounters | Beatria | Sette Games

Excaliber | Gwen | Jade Games

Curse of the Hound Amulet | Caraleth | A Nice Oak Tree

Summerset Isle | various | yourenotsupposedtobeinhere

Lordbound | Gilnaeda | Lordbound Studios

Skyggerfall | various | Oracus Zero

Warriors of Lunderia | Ixa’Shala | Matona
Agtrill, the Counterfeit Blade | Benneruin | Cold Open Stories
CALLISTO | Dr. Charlie Holmes | Same Old Satellite 
Rifted | Rowena | The Gaia Project
The Arsonist’s Lullabye | Ruby | Majestic Films
Letters from Young Gods | Poppy Cervantes-Jackson | Zero
Tolerance Zone
Sanctity of the Damned | Eleanor | Majestic Films
Athelda | Theia | Sadistic Siren
Intertwined | Maxine Elwin | A Little Mind Productions
The Kenopsia Effect | Beatrix Gwen | Simsberry Studios
However Small, However Hidden | various | Cold Open Stories
When It’s Over | Rachel | I.H.S Films
Going Nowhere | Ellie Novak | Fall Fall Productions
Thrill of the Chase | Rose | Koala Bear Workshop
BowWowza! | Mr. Miel | Sixth Sense Studios
Open Hearts, Open Mics | Kacie | Artamore Studios
RAW 1251AM - Pride Week radio advertisements
Sun Dawn | Lumina LeClaire | Dreamweaver Films
The Dead Tales | Black | Dreamweaver Films


Titus Andronicus | Tamora | Humanity Theatre, Coventry

Romeo and Juliet | Nurse | Humanity Theatre, Coventry

Merchant of Venice | Prince of Morocco | Humanity Theatre, Coventry

Rhinoceros | Jean | Humanity Theatre, Coventry

This Changes Everything | Kim | GLive, Guildford

Chatroom | William | Jubilee Theatre, Haslemere

DNA | Danny | Electric Theatre, Guildford

Agnes of God | Dr. Martha Livingstone | Jubilee Theatre, Haslemere

Long John Silver | Treasure Island | Jubilee Theatre, Haslemere

Just So: the Musical | The Eldest Magician | Jubilee Theatre, Haslemere


Big Life | 2020/staged reading | performed at Soho Theatre, London

| 2020 | performed at Matchstick Theatre, London

Falling Birds | 2019 | performed at Humanity Theatre, Coventry

Hormones | 2018 | performed Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry


"You're an extraordinarily talented actor and I'm humbled to have you helping me with this game. Your lines are a pleasure to listen to and you consistently read lines with an effortlessly natural intonation, which is rarer than you might think!" - Nick James Pearce, The Forgotten City

"Your voice sounds very mature for your age. While you may not know what it's like to be 30, your voice and the way you wield it is very convincing. It will be an honor to work alongside such a talented and rising actress." - Stephen Quammie, The Purgatorians

"Talent like yours is unique, and I thank you so much for displaying it for our ears!" - @Kellafella

"Celestielle is extremely talented and professional, as well as very easy to work with … I really cannot say enough positive things about her!" – @Oracus0

"Her attitude and approach to her work has been exemplary ... I have no hesitation in recommending her" - Dr. Wallace McDowell, University of Warwick

Casting Calls and Auditons

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