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Started off with small project which have grown bigger and bigger, with a few small projects now and again.

All this is a hobby for me, big projects I try and pay what I can. It isn't much but it's something. Small projects are unpaid. This is a hobby for me so expect expect the same from others. Mostly looking for creative people wanting to create awesome projects.

Got a few full cast audio dramas with music. Also been doing a Battle Royale Game Show and anything else that pops into my head.

  • @philkidd

    I've done several projects for KBW. He communicates effectively and pays the agreed upon price in a timely manner. Great to work with.

  • @imaginaryholly

    Jonathan was a pleasure to work with. Great communication and guidance for the characters. This was a really fun project!

  • @amy-sampson

    I highly recommend Koala Bear Workshop. Jonathan is a fantastic person to work with. I started voice acting this year, and the project I voiced on is the first I have seen completed. Sees project through to the end, courteous to all involved. Would be very happy to work with him again.

  • @corybaker24

    Very professional and easy to work with. Provided all materials, answered all my questions, and followed through with a great final product. Hope to work in more creative projects with him.

  • @kiwitee

    I have worked with Koala Bear Workshop on two projects so far and he is very friendly, organized and great to work with. The script for the lines was provided very quickly and the final audio book turned out really great.

    Currently I am working on another project with Koala Bear Workshop and a very nice team and hope to keep working with him in the future.

  • @jordangreenhough

    After receiving a clear description of the character, I received patient and insightful direction that resulted in a great end product.

  • @kelseyva

    Working with Koala Bear Workshop was very professional, paid up front, and released a great product. I would definitely work with them again!

  • @anzy

    He is a fantastic editor and director! His writing is truly amazing. He helped me with some lines and it was a pleasure to work with him!

  • @paulmcbambi

    I can highly recommend working Koala Bear Workshop!
    Communication with Jon is professional and friendly - quick delivery of the script, quick feedback and answers for all questions.
    I'll definitly audition for more of his projects!

  • @mel_k

    I recorded lines for a minor role in one of Koala Bears audioplays. He was very friendly to work with and quick to respond. The script was provided almost immediately. Very professional director.

  • @jess-mcdonald

    After watching some of the content from this project holder, I am more than thrilled that he was the first one to give me an opportunity for my voice to be used. I hope to see many more projects from him and maybe in the meantime, I will have grown as a voice actor to lend a voice when needed for an audition.

  • @bmvoices

    Koala Bear Workshop was my first real client that took me from an amateur to a professional. I had just started out my career as a voice actor in August of 2019 and quickly found my way into the arms of KBW. They were professional, polite, quick and easy to work with the first time around. Then a few months later I worked for them yet again and was met with the same professionalism as before, which shows that they are worthy of any voice actors attention.

  • @deleted283240

    Koala was very easy to work with, they were realistic about their deadlines, and provided a professional quality final product. Their writing was also of good quality and was easy to follow in-scrript, and I'd definitely work with them again in future.

  • @klotten

    He was such a joy to work with! Respectful of time, friendly, and gave clear instructions. I would definitely work with him again!!

  • @xanderphillips

    Worked with Koala Bear Workshop recently on a role, they were very professional, very accommodating and respectful. A pleasure to work with and I hope to work with them again in the near future.

  • @travisd124

    Received the script and lines quickly! Great and easy to work with! Looking forward to hearing the completed project!

  • @sheridanlee

    I worked with KBW on my very first CCC project, and I'm so glad I did, because it was a very encouraging experience. He's very friendly and communicative. Scripts are clear, he provides direction when necessary, and he's open to feedback and questions. Thanks!

  • @deleted416447

    Was a great experience working with Koala Bear Workshop. Everything went smoothly. Great project to work on. Very talented. I highly recommend!

  • @ax-burton

    I've done a few projects with Koala Bear Workshop. Each time he was friendly, very clear on expectations and deadlines, and followed through on all compensation commitments. What more could you want from a creator?

  • @tylernt

    I played a minor character in an episode of KBW's YouTube series. He was very easy to work with and knew what he wanted for the character and out of me. It would be my pleasure to work with them again.