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Natalia | she/her | Polish/English

Hello! My name is Natalia (or you can call me April) and I'm a sims machinima director. I mostly record in Sims 3 but I recently started recording in Sims 4.

I also voice from time to time. I find it to be a great hobby but I'm also devoted to every project I take part in so if I become casted, I will do my best and for sure, I will send you my lines before the deadline :)

You can contact me on Discord - April Dark#4961

  • @reginald-keith-j

    April Dark is an experienced creator who is very good at turning her vision into a completed project. She is passionate about her art, and she works fast! One of the best things about April is that she is very responsive and kind in her communication which makes working with her feel incredibly easy. Definitely recommend