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Hey there! I'm Mimi - I'm a 20 year-old hobbyist voice actress. I've been voice acting for about three years, but have had experience in the theatre since around 5 years old? Fluent in French and English, and apparently I can do accents though how good they are remains up to interpretation lmao. I'm trying very hard to not cringe at the concept of promoting myself lmao. Sometimes I write stuff.

  • @same-old-satellite

    Cast as the main protagonist in my project CALLISTO, Mimi had a rather hefty task of bringing the character to life, exploring a wide range of emotive situations that enact survival, despair and joking-around. Needless to say, she did it superbly. Mimi is one of those voice actors that can understand the characters she is portraying, as well as making sure that the listener can understand as well. Her enthusiasm for the project behind the scenes was really inspiring for me, as well as the raw emotion in her final scenes a definite steal for voice actors to look to. Pulling off the Australian accent well despite not being a native, Mimi was, I think, the only choice for the role of engineer Zoe Morgan.

  • @aj-kingston

    Playing Zoe Morgan in the Callisto project is a tough role. A range of emotion from sarcastic wit, to wits end and distraught terror, as well as an accent to which this actor is not a native. This has all the elements of a role that could go badly, and yet they pushed through to give an amazing performance. Behind the scenes, they were also charismatic, friendly and approachable for conversations in, around, about or separate from the project, joining in with talk and jokes about the project and making it more fun to be a part of in general. If you need someone for any conceivable role, even if it seems difficult or not suited to them, you'll struggle find a more dependable, approachable and adaptable actor.

  • @celestielle

    This lady right here is RIDICULOUSLY talented. Listening to her performance in our project together sent shivers down my spine within the first 30 seconds. She's a great, positive energy on board as a fellow cast member, and clearly dedicated to her craft and delivery. I cannot stress enough how skilled and nuanced her performances are, and it's been a joy to work together. I recommend her to the moon and back!

  • @cailiosa

    I worked with Mimi in the Callisto project, and oh boy! Guys, she is talented!! Like, really talented!! She's the queen of accents, even tho she won't admit it because she is too humble for this world! She can perfectly portrait any emotion, no matter how difficult and complex those emotions are. Funny (she knows her memes), friendly, positive and invested, search no more, Mimi is the voice actor you are searching for!

  • @sean-lambourne

    I had the opportunity to work alongside Mimi on Callisto and she was fantastic not only in her voice acting on the project but also as a person when interacting with her. She brough a great performance to the table with her character Zoe and portrayed so much emotion in it. Not only was she a character throughout but her dialogue both opened and closed the project which are some of the most important parts. Her excellent talent opened the whole thing in a compelling way and gave it the right amount of emotion to create intrigue throughout the rest of the Audio Horror.