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Author, illustrator, designer, voice actor, and dipping their hands in everything. [any pronouns are cool]

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About CSR Creations

I have a discord but will only give it in private chat.

C.S.R. self-identifies as a hellion and claims to be a one-person team that writes, illustrates, and doesn’t know how to shut up so they decided to get into voice acting instead, playing both male and female roles (and still waiting for the day they can voice a non-binary character). They've been passionately writing and creating their work ever since they were young and at one point picked up the idea of voicing some of it themself, alongside opening doors for others to get more voice work through his content. As the narcissist that they are, C.S.R. has a habit of always casting themselves in their own projects but has recently been getting roles in other people’s, from leads to creepy leeches. They are a big advocate of representation for the LGBT+ community and recognizing how differences are beauty. They try to spread as much positivity and compassion as possible, always encouraging the actors cast in their projects to build a community with each other and build one another up.

I love a lot of genres and to blend them, but horror/supernatural, historical, and fantasy are my top favorites. Also, there’s almost always LGBT+ content.

There is now a Discord server for my work in general where people are allowed to join to leave auditions, keep up to date on my work, and/or to be part of the community (you are 100% allowed to do self-promoting of your own work and such). It's not a requirement to join this specific server should you get casted for any of my projects nor is it a formal commitment to join. If you do not like the server, you can simply leave or just mute it. You can even think of it as a sort of test run to, to see if I am someone you'd like working with and vice versa.

CSR Creations server: https://discord.gg/HnRrsJp

  • @eurasianrob

    I have received voice work from CSR on his project My Choker.

    CSR is one of the most considerate and passionate project leaders I have had the pleasure of working with.

    The sheer deail put into the dedicated discord server as well as the easy rapport formed make CSR a respectable and inspirational project leader.

    CSR's quality in scripts is exceptional and his writing shines in the emotions and inter-character relationships featured.

    I can easily recommend CSR and his projects to anyone looking for quality content and strong leadership.

  • @sweetsoubrette

    I have worked with CSR for his audio book My Choker and videogame Tints of Black. CSR has been a fantastic director, exceptional writer and organise who excells at bringing out the best performance from all cast members! I never felt lost for directions or out of the loop/overwhelmed with notifications while on their servers. I hope to work with them on future projects too and cannot recommend him highly enough should anyone get the chance to create unforgetable characters in their projects.

  • @blue-vandelle

    DirectorCSR does voice work for my Helix Waltz fandub as Eliza Ellenstein. He is a delight to work with and incredibly efficient. A great voice actor and collegue. 100/10, would work with again.

  • @vulpinal

    If you are looking for a delightful work environment with clear and precise instructions delivered in a friendly manner, you are in the right place. My time spent working with this director was some of the most fun I have ever had doing voice acting. They delivered understandable instructions and listened carefully to suggestions I made. When I changed wording or phrased something differently it was greeted with an open mind and flowing grace. Please keep making content, the creative world is lucky to have you and you are an amazing director. Thank you for this amazing experience, I won't forget it.

  • @vlaurent

    The constant communication and clarity were great but having a creator who is passionate and confident enough to allow for us to give us the level of autonomy we were afforded during the project was spectacular. If you want your creativity to shine through, I cannot think of a better project manager and director

  • @deleted131704

    I haven’t been casted in many projects yet, but Tints of Black will forever have a special place in my heart. The director, CSR, was very friendly and fun to talk to, understanding of their voice actors, and very passionate about their project (which is also very creative in itself). The thank you gifts given to the actors was also a very sweet touch and made me enjoy working with them even more. I felt very excited and happy seeing the final product and would love to work with them again.

  • @paulmcbambi

    Working with CSR has been a pleasure! Fast and clear communication, great planing and a lot of passion make CSR a great project leader and director. I'll be keeping an eye out for more of their projects in the future.

  • @simplymiprii

    CSR is beyond brilliant! I loved having them on the team. If you ever need a consistent, and dedicated VA, this is the one!

  • @morganthewyvern

    CSR is the director and writer of their project My Choker for which I've provided voice lines. They have their own creative vision and what they are going for and will communicate closely with you. Always willing to answer questions, CSR has been pretty easy to work with and will give good feed back if you ask. And above all there is a big, big thing I need to commend them for: their organization. This project ended up being pretty sizable and CSR broke it down on when the due dates were for different sections including the /ideal/ date they should be in by and then the more firm date that they can be in by. But they have also left it open for flexibility should something in your life come up. The organization is VERY appreciated, especially in such a large project

  • @deleted298713

    If you decide to cast DirecterCRS, you'll see fast communication, cooperation, and amazing VA them. C.R.S is also really nice. :3

  • @celestielle

    Working with this actor was an absolute treat, from start to finish. They're clearly dedicated to their work, which I value very highly, and brought a real positivity and encouragement to the process that helped so much as a motivator.

    They took on a seriously weird role, going 110% on creature noises and nonsensical dialogue without question, and with brilliant performances that were great fun to edit. I'm really proud of the work they've contributed, and I hope they are too. Seriously cannot recommend them enough, and hope we get to work together again some day

  • @briar_z

    I worked with CSR on Girls' Sugar, they gave excellent and clear directions throughout the whole process. Absolutely lovely to work with!

  • @flowvn07

    CSR has a wide variety of voices and seems to be very experienced and is very good they got there lines in ahead of the due date. Overall they are a great voice actor and I totally recommend them.


  • @matthewrwright

    CSR played the role of Amelia in my audio drama 'The Knocking Game'. She did a fantastic job with the role, performing a child character with realism and grace. She was great to work with and her turnover for her lines was quick and the quality of the recordings was professional. I look forward to working with CSR again in the future if lucky enough to another chance to. Highly recommend this VA.

  • @nixiesol

    CSR was casted as a Mogeko in Mogeko Castle the fandub, and got taken on as The Prosciutto Fairy and Mogecuckoo also, they were perfect to portray multiple Mogeko characters as they had a large variety of voice ranges, and bought everything to their role along with clear high quality audios, Highly Recommended CSR for voice work  

  • @deleted207269

    C.S.R. has an impressive range and they did great with both Rosaline and Delilah for Night Asunder. Recommended.

  • @nossorgs

    CSR is a pleasure to work with and an excellent director. Their instructions and direction are always clear, and their passion for their projects really shines through in the scripts and during live reading sessions. I look forward to seeing everything come together!

  • @javaman

    Super friendly, super organised, and just generally super! Couldn't ask for a better project manager!

  • @mushytales

    An absolute pleasure to work with - CSR is extremely organised and provided a fun, safe, and enthusiastic place to work - I'd love to be involved in any future projects if I'm appropriate for it. They're also very obviously passionate about their work and are able to organise a bunch of actors across the world whilst also working on multiple projects as a writer/illustrator/director/actor - very good, top marks :)