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Just beginning my voice acting career. This has been a passion that I've had for years. I grew up watching Animation of various sorts from anime to saturday morning cartoons and I also grew up playing video games. Both of these utilize voice acting and can often make them memorable. I fell in love with the villanous type voice of Darth Vader, Scar, Slade, etc. and decided that I wanted to bring other characters to life with my own voice. I started doing this in the last year when I became DM for my Dungeons and Dragons group. Anytime I have a unique NPC in my campaign I create a unique voice for them and for the big characters, such as bosses, I will often practice them days ahead of a session. I practice voice acting in some form or another every day and experiment with many different types of voices. This is my dream and it's one that I love.

  • @same-old-satellite

    Although Sean had a relatively minor role in my project, that didn't deter him from giving me his best. Portraying an officious character, Sean employed all the necessary beats to a T, and he really goes to show that no matter how small the role is, it never means the actor has to be small as well.

  • @anthony-andres

    During my time on the Callisto Horror Audio Drama Project I was fortunate enough to work with Sean. His performance was excellent and his contribution helped bring the production to the next level. The entire cast found that he was a joy to work with and gave us something to look forward to each time we listened to a new chapter of the project. I would highly recommend this VA for your projects.

  • @aj-kingston

    No role is too minor. Though only having a few lines, they come into the Callisto project at a time when all the dramatic tension has been bubbling to a climax and their character must reveal some of the heaviest and damning dialogue of the project. They pull this off beautifully, with an air of officious superiority that only a government official would have. You want someone to hit the nail on the head? Here's your hammer.

  • @cailiosa

    "There are no small parts, only small actors." Sean is the proof. He steals the show when he's in a scene and he have so much potential who's just waiting to explode in all of the projects he's in! Even if he's saying a big monologue, your attention will stay on him, because of all of the nuances he's giving to his role. Super friendly and hard-working too! His delivery is excellent, he's simply a great voice actor!