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Elliot Somerfield - 21 - British - Male

"There are no small parts, only small actors."

- Konstantin Stanislavski

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In the future, interstellar travel is a walk down the street, with another planet a few weeks away. The crew of waystation Concord - a pit-stop for cargo ships passing through wormholes - discover a strange celestial object, creating something that threatens to enmesh them all. Armed with the recordings of the events, a federal agent scours the logs and entries of the crew in search of the truth behind the unexplained destruction of Concord.

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"I know that there is something down there beneath the surface of this moon. It’s been there billions of years, entirely alone, waiting, until we arrived - and it knows that we are here."

When five astronauts are sent to one of Jupiter's moons to research its sustainability for a potential colony, they discover a mysterious signal coming from below the surface, a signal which raises the suspicion that they may not be as alone as they thought.

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  • @celestielle

    Highly talented and passionate actor, and seriously cool sound designer to boot! Always takes redirection on board, and is clearly in it for the love of the art - which I really admire. Absolutely recommend him, he's a star to work with and all around really great guy :)

  • @cailiosa

    Who is Elliot? It’s simple: He’s a devoted, creative and smart artist. I was working on a project with him, Callisto, and let me tell you: This man CAN write a script! Really, I cried at the end of my first reading and when I was recording my lines, the dialogues were so good that I could easily match my emotions with Esmée (my character in this). He sent me quickly my lines and even sent me a description of my character (which contains some details that were NOT in the script). He has a big heart and he’s really a sweet person! AND OH, can we talk about his voice acting? I learned three days ago that he was cast in the same project as me… So now, we are working on total of two projects as two fellow actors, plus one with Callisto. Someday, I hope you will have the chance to work with this passionate man!

  • @celestielle

    All-around creative legend - an amazing script that was so much fun to get into, great energy and positive attitude while working together, and was genuinely passionate about his work and sharing it with us. Such an awesome experience on this project, and looking forward to seeing him produce more - can't recommend enough :)

  • @anthony-andres

    This man was responsible for what was quite possibly my favorite project I’ve ever worked on. His script was thorough and meaningful, his storyline was chilling and thrilling and his criticisms were always beneficial. His characters were always fleshed out so perfectly and allowed for ease of the actor to analyze and perform to the best of their ability. Anyone would be extremely fortunate to work on any project with this director, as this man is the new gold standard. I hope to work “SOS” again. Genuinely a wonderful experience.

  • @aj-kingston

    To think, I was the second choice for this role. There is some alternate universe where I wasn't a part of the Callisto project and that would be an all-around more sad world for me. Doing this project was a blast and as a Director, they were friendly, approachable and adaptable. I sent in takes and they gave be constructive criticism that helped me improve and advance as a voice actor. They also listened to my critiques and pointing out of errors with a kind and open minded behaviour you'd want from a Director. As a writer, they excel. While Callisto's plot may not be the most original thing, nor the presentation very original either, bringing the two together was something I had rarely seen before and could have gone horribly. It didn't, and we are left with a Found-Footage Horror show that isn't trite and worn out like other entries to the genre, an Alien-esque Horror narrative that doesn't seem tired like the franchise it's named after, and an all-around amazing end product. So glad to have been a part of it and would gladly do it all over again.

  • @frazell

    Elliot is the one of the most dedicated and professional guys out there; his scriptwriting and editing is a work of wonder! He clearly has so much passion for his work and his knowledge of theatre and acting shines brightly. His world-building, characters and research are all done artfully and as a director he is both kind and specific; something that as an actor I really appreciate! He's genuinely a lovely guy and I'd be happy to work on another project with him!

  • @sean-lambourne

    Elliot was fantastic to work under and with. He was driven and passionate all the way through the entire project. I don't think I can remember a day where he wasn't talking about, thinking about, or even working on the project in some way. He always updated us along the way and would even allow us to make suggestions, give ideas, and even criticism. A director would be able to use these but a good director would know what to use, what not to use, and how to best adapt things and that's what Elliot did. Even though I was a smaller role in Elliots project he made sure that I didn't feel like a small role and still made me feel like I had an important place in it. His writing on Callisto was compelling and interesting and I loved going through and listening to the end result and seeing how everything came together. It's clear to see the inspirations Elliot drew from and even clearer to see how he took those and made it into something unique. I would gladly work with Elliot again if ever the opportunity came.