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About TheBawb

Hey all, Gabriel here (Better known as TheBawb), I've been a Skyrim Quest Modder for just over nine years, spearheading projects such as The Shire and the Custom Fellowship and taking minor roles in several other mods. I am most proficient in making content with a Bioware-style approach to storytelling and I'm always looking for ways to perfect my craft.

My goals are to provide story-rich and memorable adventures with branching narratives and traditional RPG mechanics. As well as offer upcoming creators the technical knowledge needed to do the same. I am incredibly passionate about the content I produce and always ensure that each piece of my work is of the highest quality I am able to provide.

  • @DBerry_VO

    I had the pleasure of working with Gabriel as a voice actor in his Skyrim Mod Project: Warden of the Coast.

    As a project manager coordinating many voice talents, Gabriel's performance was nothing short of brilliant. He provided many resources to aid in recording the lines, held scheduled meetings to keep everyone on track, and provided clear and easy methods for file uploads. On top of this, he was very receptive to feedback, and made a continuous effort to improve the project as time went on.

    He is a pleasure to work with, and his abilities as a project manager stand head and shoulders above his peers.

  • @ellireads

    I was lucky enough the be cast by Bawb for a Skyrim mod project.
    Working with him was a blast - everything was wonderfully organized and the workflow was incredibly smooth thanks to that. With set schedules and handing out script in managable chunks, pronunciation guides, meetings, great communication in general, and a lot of other small things that made working with him very easy. Definitely recommend. 
    And I sure hope to one day get to work with him again as well! 

  • @AlexChien00

    Bawb was very easy to work with. He organizes his projects extremely well, provides you with essential materials, and I love the fact that he keeps in touch with the crew!

  • @josh-smith

    I had the great opportunity to work on 2 different supporting characters for Gabriel's Skyrim mod: Warden of the Coast. The VA direction was incredibly well managed from start to finish. Gabriel had everything very clearly laid out in color coded delivery timelines by quest types, a very comprehensive Skyrim pronunciation guide on YT (that he voiced), as well as a detailed character sheets & a PowerPoint presentation on the project. We had regular cast meetings during the first several weeks of the project and Gabriel facilitated those with a very friendly and open atmosphere the whole way through. He was gracious with his time on every question and took suggestions to heart, implementing some of those suggestions immediately. He was also very open and ecouraged script feedback. All in all, this was a fantastic experience and I wouldn't hesitate to audition for any project he worked on in the future. I can't reccomend him enough and frankly, I hope he can parlay this experience into a profession some day because I think he's a natural at it.

  • @cbvoiceover

    I worked as a voice actor on a video game project by Gabriel/TheBawb, and it was a great experience. He is organized, flexible, pleasant, and kept us all in the loop as to what was going on in the project. If you ever have the opportunity to work with him, I highly recommend you do!