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British amateur voice actor, editor, writer and director who runs a radio show on YouTube known as "The Ticking Globe," which I write, edit, direct and provide most of the acting for. Currently making free amateur audiobooks for YouTube.

  • @same-old-satellite

    AJ is one of those actors who cannot be defined as a dime a dozen. Talented in mannerisms that can add real zest to voice characters, having proper fervour to get to work with the script and not afraid to point out my mistakes as well, which I highly appreciate. As Gib, AJ brought humanity but informality to the role entire, his monologues were enacted fantastically, bringing the performance in mind to my ears so well. I cannot thank him enough for really bringing collaboration with my actors to me for the first time, bouncing ideas off each other and helping each other out in little things outside of CALLISTO.

  • @anthony-andres

    During my time on the Callisto Project I had the Pleasure of working with AJ and I must say that his performance as Dr. Gibson was entrancing, haunting, and perfectly executed. With each word from him I found myself waiting on bated breath for the next. If this performance is any indication of his quality of work, which I know it is, then anyone would be extremely fortunate to work with him. I would highly recommend him for your project.

  • @celestielle

    A really brilliant actor, and all around great guy to work with. From the very start of the project together, his dedication, positivity and good humour was clear, and it's been a joy to work alongside him. His performances are stellar, and ripe with emotion, and deals with heavy, long monologues with serious skill and rigour. Truly cannot recommend him enough!

  • @cailiosa

    AJ is truly dedicated to the project he's in and he's always ready to give his propositions to embellish it. He's not scared to speak his mind, he will always be polite and respectful of the opinions of everyone in the team. Professional and mature, he's ready to do extra-work, without any complaint, for the good of the project. My character, Esmée, is really close to his character, Gib, and as a scene partner (it's a radio play, but you get what I mean), I know that I can count on him to play with all of the energy and determination he has.

  • @frazell

    AJ is a stellar actor with miles of professionalism to boot. He's incredibly adept at mastering the subtle nuances of character and developing extremely well-rounded personalities. He's particularly good at long speeches and capturing the audience, something I highly admire. Plus, his dedication to all aspects of production beyond what is expected is outstanding!

  • @sean-lambourne

    AJ was a fabulous voice actor. I had the pleasure of working with him on Callisto and he brough a sense of authority but also kindness to his character which can be a hard balance at times. He was truly dedicated to the project and is great to work alongside with. When he needed to he also added a sense of emotion to his scenes. I highly recommend him as an actor and a great cast mate to work with!

  • @lizzyrenee

    AJ has a phenomenal grasp of his characters. He brought dedication and professionalism to the project; capturing the heart of his character in every line, willingly receiving feedback, and providing feedback for other aspects of the project during the production process. He has a keen eye for quality and never delivers less than his very best. AJ is reliable, skilled in his craft, and overall wonderful to work with.