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About JoshuaSpectorVA

I started working as a voice over artist out of my pure love of theater and entertainment. I have always enjoyed performing, and after graduating with my BA in audio and digital media production, I decided to make acting my career. Since then, I have been making appearances in animation and audiobook narration, working hard to develop my skills with each passing day. Contact me to find out more information and how we can start working together!  

  • @ynstbih

    Mr. Spector is a man about talent. Though the time we worked together was short it was all pleasant. Perfect quality, inflection, records ahead of schedule, and retakes almost immediately. Adaptive to changes in voice direction and very professional.
    I consider him top roster and look forward to working with him in the future.

  • @ves_official

    Took direction really well and delivered lines immediately! Very punctual and dedicated, definitely. Looking forward to working with him again some day!

  • @eurasianrob

    As A voice actor for the stellar production of "The Woes of Whitby" I had the pleasure of receiving the role of Dr. Jack Seward from Joshua. Joshua is a delight to work with, firm enough with deadlines and friendly enough to be easily approachable, I can't recommend him enough in a directorial capacity to get projects done on time as well as making the whole process enjoyable.

  • @seym_dna

    I don't know why he auditioned for my project since I think he is already a Pro. Either way, I am so thankful having to work with him and I appreciate the promptness he gave to this project. Thank you^^

  • @connorkopko

    Joshua has a fantastic voice! Highly recommended; even though he was a supporting part of the project he was very invested. I could not recommend him more, especially speed with which he turns in his lines. I wish great things for him, and hope to work together again soon!

  • @deleted8087

    it has been an absolute pleasure to work with Joshua for "The Woes of Whitby" and very exciting to see the project develop!! Joshua and his team have been both strong leaders and friendly crewmates to the entire cast in making the team feel welcome and informed on what was expected. he was very engaged with the cast in both professional and casual contexts; many jokes and memes were had while also making sure the project was meeting its deadlines and that actors were on task when needed. his instructions and directions as a director are crystal clear and honestly WoW has cultivated my favorite script formatting as well. i look forward to seeing more of his work and encourage new and old talent to keep an eye on Joshua as a director and fellow performer!!

  • @trentmichaelt

    Josh has been one of the coolest directors I have ever worked with. He created a welcoming environment for all the actors and helped us bring his great project to life. He's very respectful and professional, couldn't recommend him enough! If you have the opportunity to be involved in a project with him you should 100% do it!

  • @eastmouth

    Josh is truly an excellent voice actor with the makings of a real pro. He plays Douglas Allen on my show Eastmouth. The character requires grit, wisdom, and empathy all at the same time - and he pulls it off with ease.

    Josh always delivers his lines on time and replies expediently when needed. I really can't give a higher recommendation, so make sure to give him a shot if he auditions for your audio drama.

  • @meekvoice

    Wonderful direction and freedom to work with the characters, I had been casted for in the Final Fantasy 2 and 3 Dubs. 

    Very responsive and insightful when it came to feedback, if I or any members needed assistance on the projects at hand. 

    I would easily recommend working with Josh anytime! :) 

  • @applebutter

    Josh was an excellent director to work with, and I greatly enjoyed working with him on the Final Fantasy IV dub! The environment he established was welcoming and productive. He was very responsive to inquiries, and was a fantastic project manager, keeping everyone on track and enthusiastic. It was a great experience, and I'd highly recommend working with him!

  • @mdprime

    I had the honor of being cast by Josh in one of his projects and he was an absolute pleasure to work with. He gives you a clear idea of how he wants a character to be played while allowing the creative freedom to make it your own. And he maintains a very friendly, yet professional working environment! I look forward to working with him again in the future!

  • @jarjarchewie

    Josh is truly a great director. He gave me the foundation of how my character is supposed to be played and then he gave me the freedom to do my part as I see fit moving on in the story. Despite from the freedom, when needed or when necessary he would give great direction. He was a joy to work with, his spirit and enthusiasm about the project made the environment feel so friendly and comfortable. I'd love to work with him again!

  • @theyounghylianlad

    Amazing director, love the work he's doing on his YT channel and was so proud to be a part of his projects...and so grateful he gave me my very first voice acting role :) cheers!