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About Ves

Hey there, Ves here!

I am a Television Production graduate with a passion for screenwriting and music composing.

Music Links:
Writing Portfolio:

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Production Reel (2020):

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Current Roles:

Junior Content Editor @ Little Dot Studios

Writer: "The Kaminai" (in production) by Galaxy Kitten Studios

Arranger: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker English Dub - Second Quest
Composer: "The Kaminai" (in production) by Galaxy Kitten Studios
Composer: "Adventures at Hogwarts: An Audio Experience" (in production) by Bear's Audio Emporium

Recent Projects:

Composer: "After The Dawn" (in production) by Gracia Perez
Composer: "Sentinel: Cursed Knight" (on Steam) by Nether Studios

Script Supervisor: Mencere Entertainment

  • @wyatt-henry

    Working with Ves over at VR Productions is a real pleasure. If you are fortunate enough to work on one of his projects, you will find yourself in very talented and capable hands.