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About Lindz

About Me

        Hello there, my name is Lindz. I am an aspiring voice actor with about seven years of practice so far! I use an AT875r Shotgun mic with a Focusrite Scarlet Solo 3rd generation interface, acoustic foam, and Audacity to record. I also have a pop filter, and a clamp arm to raise the mic off my desk.  

         In terms of character types, my specialty is definitely the insane or psychotic characters with lots of laughing and screaming, monster and creature characters, as well as the shy and awkward characters with softer or nerdier type personslities. Two ends of the spectrum, but both are lots of fun. I also am skilled at screaming for horror projects, as well as combat grunts, akin to that in The Legend of Zelda type games. Got someone who needs to be murdered or in pain, or a monster/psycho doing the murdering or attacking? I can definitely help with that! I can also do a variety of other character types as well, check out my demo reel and sample audio for some great examples! 

         I am also skilled with audio engineering and sound design. I have assisted with applying voice effects or adding sound effects to several projects I’ve been in, as well as my own projects. I have a large variety of sound effects at my disposal, including horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and everyday life sounds that can be used in lots of different projects. I have a few samples of sound design work posted here as well so feel free to take a look! 

         I am also a musician, and can compose songs for projects as well. I specialize in cinematic or OST styles, but I am able to write for many genres, including action, mystery, sci-fi, happy/calm, horror, and many others. I have examples uploaded here to show what I can do as well!

         Though I am a very artsy person, I do have a visual impairment, where I can only see out of one eye, and the other eye is extremely nearsighted with no depth perception or peripheral vision. I won’t let this fact hinder me from working in the field I desire to. It hasn’t stopped me so far. In fact, it’s given me much more sensitive hearing, which has greatly helped me in the three fields mentioned above, such as assisting with attention to detail, and having perfect pitch. As I like to say, when you can’t use your sight, your voice become your power! 
















Web animations

Video games

Audio dramas

Game dubs

Comic dubs

Sound Design projects

Music projects


Science fiction


Psychological horror



Slice of life




Extreme sexual themes

Discriminatory/racial content

Voice coaching - 2022

Instructed by Timothy Banfield

A well known animation and video game voice actor that I got to know last year after finding him on YouTube! Since then he has helped me improve on a few occasions, one with general performance and editing practice, and currently helping produce my upcoming demo reel!

Vocal Combat Technique - 2023

Introduction to Efforts, Impacts, and Screaming

Instructed by D’Arcy Smith

A workshop that teaches fundamentals for vocal extremes and maintaining vocal health


Here are my official commission sheets for voiceover, sound design, and music composition!! My DMs are open for further inquiries! Payment will be via PayPal. If you are unable to pay full price up front, we can negotiate a payment plan! I look forward to working with you all!! 😀😀

What Lindz is looking for

I am willing to do audio dramas, animation, video games, YouTube series’, and more! 

  • @ssb-smash

    Lindz is a very great music composer and voice actor!
    Her music work is very... well... Perfect! It fits the animation or video perfectly!
    Her voice acting skills are really good too! I love how she puts a personality for any character in my projects, It seems like she has a lot of fun doing the character's voice ^^
    I highly appreciate the feedback and work she gives out!
    I would definitely recommend her for any project you got in CCC! :D

  • @baileydoxeyva

    You! Stop right there! If you are currently pondering over the fact to cast this beautiful and amazing young woman right here, I’m here to persuade your decision, the answer is YES! Liz is amazing, she always takes me back to the late 20th century , she’s like a classic 90’s anime character ( I’m highly influenced by sailor moon right now, she’s the Ami to my Usagi! ) her voice is so rich and powerful, i, I can’t believe it’s not butter! I truly adore Liz, and I’m so excited for you to get the chance to work with her too! Us becoming friends has really boosted my self confidence and voice over ability, I just adore working with her, wether that be under her direction, her stabbing me, or singing along to a creepy tune in unison. I truly love Liz, and I hope you do too!

  • @spicy-charizard

    Lindz is an amazingly talented person to work with. They've been working with me on my channel (CinnamonRoll Productions) for about over 2 years now and everything she has sent to me, voice wise, composing wise has been high quality. Truly a pleasant to have her on the team, I'd recommend her to other directors.

  • @cailiosa

    The girl is talented and have a beautiful personality. Seriously, she's one of the nicest person you will meet on CCC. She's really easy to talk to and she cares a lot about the people she's working with. But really, she's probably one of the most talented girl on this site. In summary, she have the talent and the personality, so don't hesitate and cast her!

  • @venomclaus

    If it's processed through your auditory cortex, then it's something Lindz has mastered. Her expertise in voice work, music composition and general audio engineering is outstanding. She has an amazing work ethic that always leads into an incredible product. There's clear passion in the work she does, as she always strives hard to create something she'll really love. She's amazing to work with, taking initiative to bring groups together to collaborate as best as possible. Her skillset is impressively vast; Her voice is super unique and her music carries such clear soul. When it comes to sound, she's a VERY adept jack-of-all-trades. Lindz just does it all!

  • @not-on-helium

    I’ve been working alongside this amazing woman for months now, and every day she amazes me more and more. Not only is Lindz a really strong voice actor, her abilities when it comes to composing and making music are impeccable. She can help with video and audio editing too! Is there anything Lindz isn’t good at?? She excels everywhere, and the work she produces is gold! And there’s more! Lindz’s personality goes hand in hand with her abilities-beautiful and strong. She’s almost always online to answer questions or just chat, and she’s an inspiration to all of us that have worked with her. Lindz is kind, supportive, and hilarious. She’s always open to bond with others, and is probably one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. If you have the chance to have Lindz in your projects, take it! She’s so helpful and amazing as both a voice actor and a person that you will not regret it.

  • @lexielarsen

    Lindz is one of the most committed and gifted voice actors I have ever met. Her voice is truly incredible. Lindz can bring to life literally any role, as I have seen her voice a HUGE variety of characters. Not only is she extremely talented, but she always tries her best to make her projects successful. She is an exceedingly hardworking and dedicated voice actor to both the projects she directs and voices in. Lindz is also an incredible singer, editor, and composer. She is a kind, compassionate, and supportive person who is a joy to work with! I would definitely recommend Lindz for ANY project!

  • @hystericalfuture

    An outstanding voice actor who meets any expectations! If you want a hard working voice actor who does her best into turning their lines, well Lindz is just the right girl for you! Honored to have her in SerendipityStudios!

  • @applre

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lindz on several occasions now, and it’s been awesome getting to see her incredible work! Her range is insane, and she’s got every type of character nailed. She’s such a pleasure to work with and always delivers her lines in a flash. Casting her is never a bad decision!

  • @deleted82041

    We've been working together on a project for a while now, and I can honestly say I'm happy she's on the team. When I have a general question for all the other VAs on the team she answers, when we have meetings that I can attend she's always been there. Dependable, knowledgeable, and constantly working. Happy to be working with her!

  • @kazutova

    Lindz cool :D

  • @reycoby3

    Lindz is one of the most talented people I've worked with. She has an INSANE range of voices she can pull off flawlessly. From a serious knight with unrequited love to a crazed psychopath high-school killer, she can do that and SO much more! I'd recommend her to any director to a project she auditions for. She's THAT good!

  • @kebbyva

    Lindz is genuinely such an absolutely amazing voice actor/ director/ musician/ anything. She is so dedicated to her craft, it's kinda scary the way she just morphs into character on the fly, and the final work is... god damn is it just amazing. So please, if the opportunity presents itself that you can cast Lindz in your project, take it, it'd be a mistake not to do so. Give her money if you can.

  • @v-meister71

    Who knew that someone like Lindz existed. It was amazing that she was able to voice dub my comic, which was a great honor to have someone amazingly talented voice my content. She has my deepest respect and gratitude. I picture her being a VA in a future anime/video game for certain, so do your best and support her to the point she'll achieve the highest points of achievement in her field! I will support Lindz from here on out!

  • @sidney-rose

    Alright, right out the gate… this woman sounds SO ACCURATE to Toko Fukawa from Danganronpa! I had her casted as that character for my Danganronpa IF: fandub and she did such a fantastic job! She really captures the jittery and anxiety ridden personality of Toko Fukawa. Highly recommend! Plus, Lindz is a very cooperative and sweet individual, who does well when communicating throughout the project.

  • @kvn

    Lindz came in last minute to voice a character that had to be recasted for our project. She was wonderful to work with as she gave me the lines needed as soon as possible for us to be able to post our next episode in the Spirit Hunter NG Fandub! I can't wait to hear how she gives Natsumi more life and even the extras we will be throwing at her!

  • @mangagirl4432

    She will be play Toko in my project and she fits the character so well I hope she continues to work on any of the other projects I work on 

  • @aredgrave

    Lindz is such a good voice actress, I'm actually kind of scared. I'm worried about her untapped potential. Just wait until you've heard her voice a psycho girl persona... you will freeze and stop whatever you are doing and actually feel scared.

    She is that kind of VA. Her voice is... well... it's powerful. Watch out for it. She will blow you away. 

  • @ryderkrose

    Lindz overall is an insanely talented person. She is amazing both as a friend and as a VA, director, editor, and composer. Working with her is absolutely amazing. She is also someone who you can rely on 100% of the time. I absolutely recommend her. If you ever work with her, know that it will be of high quality. 

  • @aqua-voices

    When I first heard Lindz's audition, I knew she was something special and I just had to cast her. She is one of the most talented voice actors I've ever had the pleasure of working with, and she is always so engaged with every thing the project takes on. If you ever need someone voice a character for you, I would 100% suggest Lindz.