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SSB Smash

Just a dumb 19 year old in the world of many fandoms! :)

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About SSB Smash

Yo! I'm SSB Smash! FINALLY on castingcallclub! :D So I'll post some roles and stuff for some people to voice if they feel like it :) Enjoy! :D

To See my YouTube Channel, Copy this link right here:

And to see the CastingCallClub YouTube Channel I made, Copy this link right here:

If you would like to get contact with me on discord, I will be happy to chat with you on there! ;)

My Discord: +SSB Smash+#2160

Or, if you want to contact me in The Official SSB Smash Server on Discord, just go to this link here below the text above! :3

  • @akira-and-gaz-studios

    Very nice dubber! Would totally cast him for any audition >w<

  • @lindz

    SSB Smash creates amazing content on his YouTube channel. From animations, too comic dubs, to hilarious meme videos. I’ve worked only once with him as of right now, creating music from one of his future projects. He takes all the time necessary to make every video amazing, from the sound, to the voices, to the animation and much more. Working with him is a lot of fun! I hope to continue working with him on future projects. :-)

  • @blvdcharms

    As a new voice actor, SSB put in place a welcoming staff and environment. They are excellent and professional at what they do. Voice acting, animating and all! They are also one of the greatest individuals to talk to; even I made friends with them! Give them a try!

  • @hyptno-creations

    Stumbled across this lovely! on deviantart and started to chat with them as I did storyboarding for the first time and fanart/art trades! can´t wait to do more works with them in the future! as well, could say we´re friends but who knows! you should give them a try!! you should always believe you, do you! even IF new things are challenging and you can get better at it as well!

  • @joshwilksva

    Working on Doraronpa has been awesome and a huge part of that is the way the SSB works! A really kind and compassionate person who will always appreciate the hard work you put in. The environment and vibe working with SSB is absolutely one of the warmest places you can be. Would massively recommend them!