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About VenomClaus

hi i'm claus

i'm just a goofy lad around to do some projects for fun. i'm 20 years of age with a good seven years of public school theater experience. that might sound underwhelming, and it probably is, but hey! i think it helps at least somewhat.

i like video games and some anime like most everyone around here. i write some and am several years self-taught in video editing with adobe premiere. i like to think i'm a good person at the core of my heart and that's something big i value about myself.

in regards to voice work, my area of specialty seems to generally be pitchy, excitable and slightly nerdy male characters. this is entirely outside of my normal speaking voice, but i can sure as hell act better with it! i very much have a tendency to audition for projects centered around media that i already enjoy as is, but i'd be super open to voicing in other projects as well.

  • @andrewdragon32

    Altho my projects was open for weeks
    He done a great job voicing a minor character for a FE comic in short notices
    Realy motivat and great VA and hope we get to work in future projects

  • @not-on-helium

    Venom is most definitely someone you want to have on your project. From a working point, his voice acting abilities are stunning! Every recording he submits is nothing short of terrific, and his voice is a great fit for such a wide variety of roles. He’s open to trying new things, and is constantly doing his best to improve where he thinks he can. His work gives me chills, it can be so intense! On a more personal level, Venom is one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet. He’s supportive, humble, really funny, and so much more. He’s always there to talk to other voice actors, and is there to support others when they’re feeling down. Venom makes an already friendly environment even friendlier! It’s been nothing but a pleasure working with a voice actor and person like Venom, and I know that anyone who takes him on will agree.

  • @toxicure

    Venom has an incredible emotion range, able to pick the slight nuances of characters and deliver wonderful work. He is prompt and professional, and you would be hard pressed to find another voice actor willing to give their all for your project and deliver such quality.

  • @powerfulsl

    Venom was my voice actor for Teruteru Hanamura and I can definitely say he's great at what he does. He's very talented and not only that but he was pretty fun to chat with as well even in casual chat which is always a plus. If you get the opportunity to work with him I would definitely recommend you give him a shot!

  • @cgz

    Oh man, where do I even begin? This guy has an incredibly great range and puts that to great use when it comes to voice acting. The emotion he adds to make a character come to life is fantastic! Aside from his great VA work he's also a very chill and humble person to hangout with. It's definitely been great to work with him and I would recommend having Venom in your project!