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Hello! My name is Kazuto. It's a pleasure to be a fellow Voice Actor! I'm mostly into the Danganronpa voice acting community but I'm open to do more voices for other series.

Voice acting is a interesting hobby to get into, as I started to practice after my first playthrough of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Voicing the protagonist, Makoto Naegi.

I picked my voice acting hobby back up at the beginning of April and May by participating in Live Danganronpa Class Trials, since then It peaked my interest into getting into voice acting and here I am today!

I hope we can get along and work together to make each other's project an amazing experience!

  • @tarraroseva

    Hi, I'm Tarra, here to say that Kaz is, um, very very cool! Very pogger, not cringe! I'm, uh.... I'm incredibly serious about this. This is an 100% serious, not forced, recommendation! Oh, no, not forced at all! I'm doing this as an act of my own free will, definitely!!!! Uh.... uhhhh..... Yeah, that's it! Kaz it cool!

  • @lottsoluvv

    This guy coolio person, definitely pogger and NOT cringe, he makes me haha funny and laughing. this person funny lol haha, very epic pogger, i think hes cool and NOT cringe ahaaha


  • @aji

    don't listen to them y'all this man ain't entirely cringe !!!

    Kaz is awesome! Super talented, kind, and funny. It's always nice being on calls with him since he's really chill and friendly, and knows how to make all of his friends happy. He, countless other friends and I did DR live dubbing way back when, and he has improved drastically since then. His DR protagonist voices are spot on, especially. To this day, I consider him one of the best Hajimes I've heard. He is good at self-direction, taking critique, and using it, too. Proud leader of DE:SR, Kazuto, is truly amazing. I'm happy to have him as a friend and fellow voice actor.

  • @ojipon

    hes an awesome dude bro and one of my best friends. hes a very talented va and puts lots of passion and effort into what he does.

  • @acemusic

    This man is an absolute LEGEND. He doesn't get enough credit for the amazing talent that he has, not to mention how hard he works as a director, editor, and voice actor. We worked together on a fandub of Super Danganronpa 2's Trial 6 - more specifically, the interaction between Hajime and Chiaki - and he was fantastic to work with. Also, he is BEST FRIEND KAZ :D