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Professional Audiobook Producer and Voiceover Artist.
Strong interest in Victorian/Gothic literature, and Visual Novel games!

(This is on behalf of a friend–not something I'm involved in personally)

  • @powerfulsl

    I could not have picked somebody better to voice Nekomaru Nidai and I definitely don't regret it. You can tell that when he voices as Nekomaru he truly does give it his all and it shows. If his other voices are as good as his Nekomaru one, it would be a no-brainer to choose him for your project. You can tell he truly enjoys and has fun doing what he does and if you need somebody for a loud booming voice he is absolutely your guy!

  • @MattWeightVO

    Working with Buford on an FF Tactics project has been an absolute joy- his passion and skill are second to none and he's an incredible collaborator and director. Wonderful feedback makes hitting that sweet spot so much easier and more fulfilling, a true class act through and through!