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About KVN

Hi everyone!

My name is Kevin and I'm a working VO talent. I am currently working freelance in order to provide professional quality voice over to many different sorts of projects. I also create various passion projects to further provide experience to myself and others! Please message me if you would like to learn more about what I can offer :)

  • @deleted18033

    KVN has been an amazing director to work with! He's very understanding and isn't afraid to give critiques when needed. Not only that but from what I've heard, he gives amazing quality voice lines as well. I can't wait to work more with him and the rest of the cast in the Spirit Hunter: NG Fandub!!!

  • @leggoblin

    KVN has been a pleasure to work with, not only displaying crisp voice acting himself but assisting everyone in improving there skills and gaining that tasty experience, patient and a consistent hard worker is he, very recommend for either directing or acting, i'm also part of the Spirit Hunter: NG Fandub :3. (many links later).

  • @ryderkrose

    KVN is such an amazing director to work with and overall person to know. He is so chill and understanding when you can't meet certain deadlines. He gives really good feedback. He is really talented as a VA and works really hard as a director and editor. Anyone who works with him will sure to enjoy it every step of the way.

  • @jemiluu

    KVN is such a great person to work with! Gives honest and really helpful feedback on how we deliver our lines, and is not only hardworking at what he does, but has amazing acting skills as well!! I'm having a lot of fun working on the Spirit Hunter: NG Fandub with KVN and the rest of the super amazing cast :D 

  • @theEastPatch

    KVN was super easy to work with, and had an amazing range they controlled with expertise. Directing them was fun and effortless, as they have the talent to adjust to all levels of nuance. I look forward to working with them again, and would suggest them for any project.

  • @braelyn

    Without a doubt, Kevin is one of the best directors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only is he a great coach but he is a wonderful visionary as well, he knows what he wants out of the characters and is very patient and helpful with getting you to reach those marks and getting you to grow as an actor by expanding those characters. Additionally, he is a talented voice actor himself with a very wide range and an absolute dab hand at audio editing as well! I am continuously impressed by the work that he does and his ambition. I look forward to seeing where his journey and projects take him in the future and hope to continue working with him!!