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Hello! My name is Sidney and I'm a big fan and appreciator of the voice-acting community! Not only have I joined this website so I can look for potential voice actors and or any other help for future projects, but it would also be great to befriend or be acquainted with other users who share the same interests as me! I'm a very friendly gal who really admires other people's talents! And last but not least, I'm just a 22-year-old solo creator who wants to create her own dubs/projects for fun! I don't have a crew or anything, I just work with my PC, a TONOR mic, and Wondershare Filmora (as my editing software). That'll be all for my introduction! :D

(Creds to "featherssketch" on Instagram, who I commissioned for creating the Junko pic that I'm using for my CCC profile!)

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    Sidney Rose is a very sweet individual, who I had the honor of working for! I appreciate how kind and honest she is as a director. They gave positive feedback and constructive criticism when I turned in lines. She also kept everyone informed and updated on the progress of the comic dubbing. I've had problems with directors in the past who didn't communicate well with everyone, but Sidney was super considerate of everyone on the team! I can't recommend them enough as a director and I hope to work with them on more projects in the future!