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About Baileydoxeyva

Hi there, pleasure to meet you!  

My name is Bailey, and i'm a professional theatrical actress and singer. 

the stage is my home, but I truly hope and pray being behind the mic can be like my vacation resort condo LOL ! hehehehe 

My very favorite part of acting is making others around me ( and hearing me) happy and cheerful, to give someone who's having a hard time feel joy and have a reason to fight and live again. its my dream. and i know that not everybody's' going to like me but thats okay, because i believe that we can make a difference. 

  • @shizuukauwu

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Bailey is legit, so adorable! AND she's SUCH a talented voice actor!! Her voice can do all sorts of things; It can make you smile, it can make you laugh, it can make you cry, it can make you scared.. !!! She's just a wonderful person to hang around with, and she's so joyful, I love being her friend! Anyway, go check out her voice work! She's SUPER AWESOME, fantastically TALENTED! ♥♥♥♥

  • @lindz

    Bailey is such an amazing voice actress!!! She is super super talented, her voice blows me away each time I hear it! She can do a wide variety of voices, and convey so much emotion in each character she plays! She also has a ton of theatre experience which is a huge plus!!! I’m currently working alongside her in two projects, and she’s such a joy to hang out with and talk to. So sweet, happy and upbeat! I love working with her so much! I definitely recommend checking her previous work out, as well as future work that’ll be coming out later this year! I’m sure she’d be perfect for any project here on CCC!!
    SUPER AWESOME!!! 💖💖💖

  • @katiegrigry

    Bailey is such a diverse actress! I have seen so much from her and she she is still climbing high! She is a very responsible actress and will do whatever she can to make her roles a success for you. I've worked with her as both her director and a fellow actress and she is amazing! She will talk about each one of her roles with incredible passion and it's easy to tell that she is truly doing something that she loves. I am not able to recommend her highly enough to anyone who would like to work with her.

  • @gacha-magic


  • @lerminaura

    Bailey plays Weiss Schnee on my RWBY Abridged and does an "N-ice" job impersonating the ice queen. Although her personality is the opposite compared to the character she plays. It only comes to show how talented she is playing someone that's is opposite from herself. She cares about people and cares for the quality of work. Doesn't mind redos and turns lines in with her front door forward.

  • @not-on-helium

    I would recommend Bay for any project! This girl can sing beautifully, rap on point, and voice act full of passion. Each and every one of her auditions are stuffed full with talent and energy! I’ve worked with Bay on quite a few projects, and I haven’t regretted a single moment of it. Her talent knows no bounds! She is an awe-inspiring voice actress. Every piece of work I’ve heard from Bay has been an absolute masterpiece. Her range reaches from the spunkiest characters to the most seductive. All of her roles are definitely well deserved! You can feel the kind of person Bay is from a single audition. Energetic, kind, easy to get along with, and more. She’s an absolute joy to talk with at any time. Her happy personality is infectious in the best way possible. Bay is always willing to lend a helping hand in any way she can! She takes up any challenge and exceeds all expectations. Bay knows her strengths and plays to them wonderfully. In short, Bay is a spectacularly talented voice actress and a wonderful person! I definitely want to keep working with her in the future.

  • @voicecast-freeman

    This girl was a very fortunate find - talented and an absolute pleasure to work with. She has extraordinary ability for her age and it will only improve with time. Punctual, skilled, adorable, and an overall amazing human - what more do you want? Cast Bailey today and you won't regret it! Easily one of my Top 5 fave actors to work with :)

  • @tarquin-irusa

    Bay is just....awesome? Yeah awesome! I remember the first time we met, we joined a call for a video game we had both been casted in, and immediately we clicked. Any time I've ever been around Bailey, it's been an amazing day!

    She is incredibly gifted and works very hard for everything she has. I have full confidence in her success as a voice over artist.

  • @talesofnyxia

    Bay was fantastic to work with on our audio drama and embodied the character of Winter! I would recommend her for any project and am excited to continue working with her on Anamnesis in the future.