Radio News Director who loves anything and everything voice-over! is PostermanVA feel free to add me for work or just to talk :) Website: https://po

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About PostermanVA

I am a radio news director and have been looking to get into voice-over for a while, my goal is to get into anime, games, and more! Voicing a memorable villain is my life goal!

Iowa State University - 2020

Directing 1

Instructed by Brad Dell

We were able to completely direct our own play throughout the semester, beginning middle, and end. We chose our actors and actresses, held our own practice, and got our own props. Many of my classmates said that my play was their favorite among the group's and that made me very happy to hear!

Iowa State University - 2019

Acting 1, 2 and 3

Instructed by Kelly M Schaefer

These were classes all about acting, I was able to use them to act in theater pieces, learn how to do things by myself, meet deadlines, and really get lines in my head.

Iowa State University - 2019

Music Classes

Instructed by Various

I took various music classes at Iowa State, including multiple piano classes, vocal classes, and music history classes which were some of my favorites. I learned to play piano, control my voice, how art history and music history mesh, and so much more.

Iowa State University - 2024

Onstage Production

Instructed by Robert Sunderman

With Rob I learned how the backstage of theater works, and everything I know about audio production outside of my internship and job. I was able to hone the skills of the theater with the skills of a sound man, and make it look cool. 

Iowa State University - 2024

Audio/Video Production

Instructed by Jeff Ames

In this class, I produced video and audio pieces at a professional level using Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere. This class helped me learn of my love for voice-over. As a very high-level class at the college, much was expected from you, but I succeeded with an A and was happy to learn in-depth how to produce good audio and video for clients and fun alike!

What PostermanVA is looking for

Looking for all sorts of projects, radio is great but I want to do MORE voice acting, done small parts and a LOT of advertising so far!

  • @thesavvygeek

    Posterman is great! He's such a talented voice actor and is the light of any project! So happy to be able to consider him a new friend, as well. <3

  • @flayfuminsho

    Super professional. Great voice. Great equipment. Has a sense of urgency when working with others and sending audio.
    Would highly recomend!

  • @ahsokatano14

    He worked for me on a GOT audio comic as a voice actor. He was extremely efficient in getting me the lines in, asked for clarification when required and his work was done to a very professional standard! Loved working with him and would recommend to anyone!!

  • @akkceil

    He's great! extremely patient and its been a pleasure to have someone so talented on board with us as a VA. Sends lines in quickly with exceptional quality, we recommend 100% :)

  • @betalille

    Posterman has voiced an old man in one of my projects. He managed to nail the feeling I wanted to give to the character, but also showed a lot of creativity with how to deliver the lines (and some very nice combat grunts).

    I would love to work with him again!

  • @bitter-dub-production

    If you're looking for a voice actor who is communicative and is able to meet deadlines, this is the VA you're looking for! Posterman is always around and replies back to you in a quick and timely manner. He is able to meet tight deadlines and voice the given role exceptionally! Highly recommend!

  • @Dei-Noor

    Posterman checks every box when it comes to what a VA needs to be. He's communicative, readily available, patient, and overall, talented. He's a pleasure to work with, and manage in any sort of project, and I highly recommend him. (He's also likely the friendliest VA I've worked with on CCC)