https://youtu.be/1sKM09IdX1A | Needing a crazy, cat-loving, Co-Director who is willing to do any work you assign? Need someone who is pretty good at writing fantasy? Well, you're in luck, 'cause I'm your girl!

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About Mira_Mocca


Greetings, I'm Mira_Mocca, but I prefer you call me Mira. I'm an American YA Director and Content Creator on YT that has been in the business for about a few years now.

I've been interested in being a Content Creator for as long as I can remember, always wanting to tell a story to someone or to make them smile. I've been self-teaching myself writing techniques from all over the world for 5 years now, knowing writing styles like the back of my hand, easily able to change depending on what I'm writing. I'm not as new to directing and content creation as you might think, but rest assured, I'm passionate about everything I bring to the table. If you ever need help with a project, just give me a shout; I'm sure I can help.

Pronouns: She/Her | Female


While I might be adept at writing in various styles, I currently can only speak one language, so I hope to expand upon this to be able to help more in need of a Director, Writer, or just someone on your project.

Fell Dragon:

Fell Dragon is an original Live2D Gacha Voice Acted series created, produced, and directed by yours truly. If you wish to become a member of the project, shoot me a DM on here or via Discord, I'm always open to having new project members willing to dive deep into the magic of Karna to discover the mysteries that lie deep within.

Fell Dragon Fan Server: FD Fan Server - OPEN!!!

Mira's Fan Server: https://discord.gg/2XNbFZaYBZ


Discord: (REDACTED)

CCC: You’re here~

carrd: https://miraisaku.carrd.co/




Free for everything. I like people giving me chances to work for free, don't want to charge anyone that can't pay, and all around I just want to have fun on projects. All I ask is for a recommendation instead of money.

What Mira_Mocca is looking for

I work on Gacha Projects. I eventually want to be a famous Gacha Tuber, known for my series, Fell Dragon. And Fell Dragon's the reason why I joined CCC.

  • @oranges-and-peaches

    I meet Mira a few months ago and oh my gosh they are one of the nicest people I've ever met. She is such a talented person and to be honest fell dragon (the project she is making) is going to be so cool!

  • @musicmelodygalaxyyt

    Mira Hearts is absolutely amazing! We've known each other for a few months or so and she is just awesome! She's great at directing and writing and a good friend too!

  • @ElleVa2

    Mira is amazing; her talent is striking and she has a gorgeous personality! during the time we've worked with each other she has been nothing but kind to me and she is very understanding with the cast yet extremely professional with the work she provides. what I adore the most about her is her creativity! I can tell she has a passion for writing and will make it big one day 💕

  • @StitchLove07

    Mira is a talented and creative person, not to mention she is a very nice person to work with. I've personally had lots of fun working with her but as much as she is nice she is also hardworking. She has the talent and skills to be put into any type of project she decides to pursue. I wish her all the best for her future endeavors.