They say I have to pick between Navi and Goombella...CAN'T I CHOOSE BOTH??!!

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About Gracelynn

Ayo! My name is Grace, and I’m a Christian voice actress!

If you are reading this, let this be a reminder to you that Jesus loves you!!

➨ I'm trying to pursue a professional career as a voice actress and actress rather than a hobby. It's something I am very much passionate about, I hope to continue to become better at it and hopefully it is where it leads me to in my life!

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⇢ ˗ˏˋ  INFO ABOUT ME  ˊˎ˗ ↴

Gender: Female

Pronouns: She/Her

Sexuality: Straight

Religion: Christian


⇢ ˗ˏˋ ABOUT MY WORK ˊˎ˗ ↴

VA experience: 3 years

Voice range: Low pitched to High pitched (My most comfortable voice range is medium as that is my original voice range.)

Languages: English and beginner Japanese

Accents: American, Australian, British, French and Southern

➨ I'm surely willing to learn any other languages and or accents!

➨ Total casted roles on Casting Call Club: 79 (Currently says 69, so please mark it.)


⇢ ˗ˏˋ HIRING ˊˎ˗ ↴

If you cast me for a role (or don't cast me), please mark it on Casting Call Club. If you also do cast me for a role, please credit me on Casting Call Club.

➨ For my guidelines and extra information about hiring, please look below at "What I'm Looking For" section!

➨ Please make sure to give me the proper credit for a project!

For any hiring and voice acting inquiries:


⇢ ˗ˏˋ HOW TO CONTACT ˊˎ˗ ↴

➨ CCC: Send me a DM!

➨ Discord: gracetheva

➨ Email: gracevainquiries @

What Gracelynn is looking for

⇢ ˗ˏˋ BEFORE HIRING ˊˎ˗ ↴

BEFORE hiring, please read my guidelines for extra information:


Please provide me with the following below BEFORE contacting!

Summary and overview of this project.

Long term or short term project.

Paid or non-paid project.

Am I auditioning for a role or do you already have a character in mind for myself?

Description of the character you are asking me to play as.

Examples of your work!

The type/form of project it is. (Animation, fandub, video game, visual etc.)

Any extra notes/information that YOU think is necessary

As a growing actress and voice acting, I want to expand my skills and try new things!

If you would like, feel free to give any form of advice/recommendation! I love all of the support I receive through any of my work, and it makes me become a better voice actor/actress!

  • Leafy is so good at voice acting. She can do lots of tones when you need one! You can hear her emotion! Once, she even punched her pillow to make a kicking sound lol. Leafy is also a great friend, and will make you laugh lots. AND I MEAN LOTS! I directed her a few times for the voice acting and we just kept getting off-track and laughing about things. Please cast Leafy if you come across her! I promise you she will do the character JUSTICE! (She's also great at art hah) - Kat

  • @newjerseyartist

    To say that Leafy is an amazing talent would be an understatement. She is without a doubt an awesome voice actress. Leafy did such a great job voicing Miranda Wright in my reboot of "Bonkers", and the second she auditioned, Leafy instantly knocked it out of the park. Not only is she a great actress, but she's also very funny and kind to hang out with. 

    If there are any more projects up on my sleeve in the future, I'll definetly give Leafy a call. I would love to work with her again, and if you have any projects on the horizon, be sure to give Leafy the opportunity of a lifetime.

  • @smh2-sketchesyt

    Very VERY talented VA and easy to work with! no issues with communication! 10/10!!

  • @ElleVa2

    Where to start with Leafy? she is a very friendly and kind individual! her speed of doing her lines is INCREDIBLE and she is also AWESOME at portraying the accurate emotions! she always does multiple takes on each line and delivers them with great quality! she is very light hearted and I don't think there is a single person on earth who won't enjoy their company! and speaking of, their common sense is something you can RARELY find! she is very intelligent and mentally mature, she is very very simple; meaning she never flex or show off.. I can't wait to be on more project with her! she has been a great friend and voice actor and I highly recommend them!

    -A director whom's satisfied with Leafy, & a voice actor who can't wait to see what Leafy San will bring on to the table in the future! 

  • @amy_mage

    She is amazing and is helpful :D

  • @Crystal_Lin2000

    Hmmm, where do I start? Okay, lets get this straight. I've only known Grace for a little amount of time but she is a great VA. I can tell she is very into voice acting and she is really awesome at it. She is in Emerald Eyes, and I'm honored to have her in my project. 100% recommended! 

  • @Crystal_Lin2000

    hire her, she cool

  • @puzzle_da_great

    Grace is an amazing Voice Actress! I have heard her in many projects and videos and she steps into the shoes of the character she is playing! I promise she will not disappoint you with her work!

  • @caztastrophic

    Crazy how I forgot to recommend, but Grace has such an amazing voice! She voice acted some lines for a game I made for a school competition and did an amazing job at adapting to the character! Really recommnend her <3

  • @moonlilystudio

    When I first heard Grace’s auditions for my project I was blown away. She fit all the characters so well that she auditioned for but the one she was casted as in my project fit her the best. Her voice is so unique. She completed her lines perfectly and did an amazing job. Grace is very passionate with everything she does and especially her voice acting. One day I think she will be a very well known voice actor! If you are looking for a voice actor that is so passionate at voice acting and a voice actor with a unique and amazing voice, Grace is the voice actor to choose!

  • @iamcreativekitty

    I am super honored to have Grace as a voice actress playing the role of Cadence in my animated series Rowdy Little Rascals. She has such an incredible and fun voice! Not only that, but she’s extremely talented and kind! It has been fantastic working with her so far. You can just tell how passionate she is about what she does when she’s playing in character.

  • @magicgamer

    Grace is a W Voice actor and just a W person in general.

    She's excellent at accents and can get into tons of different characters

  • @Ninten_King_64

    Grace is a whole other entity when it comes to Voice Acting. She's honestly one of the most energetic voice actors I've ever had the pleasure of working with! Like, the first time I heard our acting, it literally put me in shock. Not like the people I work with DON'T put effort, but not only is her voice acting terrific, but in general, she's just so full of positivity!! It's always puts me in a good mood whenever I have her onboard in my animations! She plays a pretty good Alien, if I say so myself! I give her the "Jeremy Approved Satisfaction Badge!" Not that she'd need my approval to show how good she is, cuz she's AWESOME at what she does!! Oh yeah, me and Grace are BUDDIES! Can't wait to see what other wacky shenanigans we'll get into in the future! Hey, we gotta get casted in a project together, how cool would that be?!

    Anyways, HIRE HER, she's a top-notch voice actress you won't regret teaming with!