Ross K. Foad

Ross K. Foad

I am a professional actor and voice artist trained by the BBC.

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About Ross K. Foad

I am a professional actor and voice artist trained by the BBC. I have over 17 years experience spread across over approx 450 castings in many different mediums. This includes film, TV, radio, video games, stage, IVR phone systems, animation, and narration.

In 2017, I was one of only 30 disabled actors chosen by the BBC for their Class Act Training Scheme, an initiative to help increase disabled representation on screen through bespoke training courses, workshops, and networking events with the finest of BBC casting directors, producers, and actors. 

I am an English male with a well spoken, friendly, clear voice. I have a London accent by default, but I am experienced in portraying many different types of characters though, so accent and inflections can be changed accordingly.

Typically, I would say that I most often play well spoken English upper class types, including doctors and teachers, and, in complete contrast, American soldiers/marines.

I have a home studio set up which includes a Lewitt Subzero 540, Rode NTG3, Troystudio Vocal booth, a Tascam 60 Mark II, and I use Izotopes 8 to edit.

**Please credit me as Ross K. Foad and not just my user name**

BBC - 2017

Class Act Scheme For Disabled Actors

Instructed by Rebecca Gatward

In 2017, I was one of only 30 disabled actors chosen by the BBC for their Class Act Training Scheme, an initiative to help increase disabled representation on screen through bespoke training courses, workshops, and networking events with the finest of BBC casting directors, producers, and actors. 

What Ross K. Foad is looking for

 I am happy to take requests into consideration for most sort of voice work required.  I will undertake unpaid work where it fits in my schedule, and if it interests me, just out of my love for this craft. However, I will not consider anything of a NSFW sexual nature or strongly political nature. I can record in 24 bit Wav, BWF, Ogg, or MP3 as required. You will typically get your files within 24-48 hours. This may depend on the size of the job, and this can be discussed accordingly. Paying clients always get top priority though. Files will be raw or cleaned upon client preference. 

  • @peachy_va

    I am a fellow voice actress in a series called, "We're The Rebellion". I've recently watched the first episode and I can confirm that he is a very talented voice actor who has the ability to voice and express the character's emotions bringing a sense of realism to the project overall. He is absolutely amazing and I recommend him to many more va projects!

  • @addison_youtuber

    Ross K is an excellent voice actor! He delivered the voice lines 1 day after I gave him the script! Would recommend and is very polite. If you want to make any movie/video this is the guy you will need! ( also the link has not got the video in yet I just need to edit it thanks! )

  • @jazaxiee

    Why did I not recommend this good sir sooner, I do not know! Ross is AMAZING, you can tell he puts effort in his lines + auditions. I speak of all honesty here with my recommending but this man can make you enjoy your characters coming to life more than you ever had, I sure did! Plus he gets his lines in immediately and who doesn't love that as a director/creator? Thanks for your great work Ross!

  • @filipbudd

    Ross K did an amazing job with his recordings. Not only was the audio quality amazing, he spent a lot of time working on different takes for me to chose from. On average, I'd say Ross put in a good 6-8 takes per line. If I needed something changed, he was happy to have the lines done by the next day. Ross is efficient, and is clearly passionate about voice acting. I highly recommend Ross.
    Thank you very much for your time spent on the project. You did an amazing job!

  • @cloudy-xd

    Ross K voices multiple guards in my series Enchantica,he did a great job! His lines were almost directly after I send the script turned in,which makes everything easier and he did the lines multiple times in case I'd like it to be different.
    All in all I'd definitely recommend him as voice actor

  • @lance-bulmer-voice-overs

    Ross is the Voice Of Conker in the upcoming animation i'm working on and I was blown away by how good his performance was I actually cant think of a word beyond wow. If creators need a voice Ross is your guy . trust me you won't be disappointed, because I know I sure wasn't thanks again buddy.

  • @scarlettm

    Ross is such a creative mind and so easy to work with! His ideas were amazing and he was able to provide useful stimulus to help with the visualisation of his project which altogether helped the voice actors do a better job as well.
    Would definitely work with again!

  • @tyriustheva

    Ross K is an amazing voice actor! The script I sent him, he got the character down so well! I highly recommend him! It's a pleasure working with him! :)

  • @skyfire

    Ross K is an extremely talented voice actor, he was super nice and fun to work with, got his lines in quickly and clearly, and I completely recommend him for any project, from serious to just for fun! He communicated when needed and everything turned out perfect.

  • @cocosparkle

    Ross K is a Fantastic Voice Actor! His Dedication to his work is awesome. He always deliver his lines before the deadline which is very helpful for the creators.

    I'd highly recommend you to choose his voice if you want a quality voice for your project :)

  • @craftyboy12

    Has a brilliant vocal range, definitely hitting the 'old, wise, crazy man' vibe which I wanted for the role. Also was the first to respond after the casting - recording and submitting lines extremely quickly. Amazing job!

  • @louis_angerer

    In addition to being a talented speaker, Ross is incredibly polite and professional. Communication with him was very quick and easy. Every casting director's dream :) Keep up the great work!

  • @skellyva

    Ross K is such a talented voice actor. I have worked with him on several projects and he has done so well in those projects. His audio is clear and he can make your characters come to life. Ross K does very well with expressing the character's emotions. Ross is such a talented person and voice actor and I highly recommend him in more voice acting projects!


  • @deleted335559

    Ross voiced 2 characters for my upcoming game called 'The Fazbear Factory'. He gave an amazing performance and was very easy to work with. Over all a great voice actor and very grateful to have worked with him.

  • @matthew-lee

    Ross K and I have done a couple of voice acting works for each other's projects. I would highly recommend him for more rice work as I consider him to be a man of many voices - he manages to read the lines perfectly and which different interpretations and emotional choices for each line.

  • @kgirl

    I have received a lot of auditions from Ross that I accepted for my dubs on YouTube. His actions and impressions for Chef were so adorable and he thanked me by commenting on my videos for having him to participate in some of my projects which makes me a lot happy. :D

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    Ross K impressed me with his ability to perform a hillbilly for a FNV mod! He played the role of Billy Bettis, a greedy Caravanner for the Crimson Caravan Company disguising his greed under a veil of generosity and a wish to feed others. Ross K performed excellently, and even went above and beyond with some adlibs that were just perfect to very letter of honesty. I recommend him to anyone, and I MEAN ANYONE, who sees him audition for their project.

  • @harlangreenborough

    Ross submitted an audition for a project I was developing. He stood out amongst several candidates because of his impressive voice and sound quality.

    But what made Ross great to work with was his friendliness, his patience, his enthusiasm for the role, and the speed in which he delivered his lines. These kinds of soft skills are invaluable to a producer.

    I'd work with Ross again in a second, and I'd recommend him to anyone casting voice talent.

    5 stars!

  • @mia-wilson

    if you ask me, I recommend him 1,000 out of 10
    Very polite, Amazing voice acting skills, Very good voice quality
    I sent him the script just to see it, I wasn't even done, and right away he sent me the audition, I almost thought it was a dream...
    he gave me a lot of retakes, I didn't even know what to choose from them, if you are looking for a professional voice actor, do not think just choose him
    -Mia Wilson

  • @rushedrenee2

    An amazing VA, beautiful voice, and extraordinary at his work, there is never backround noise behind his audios and he is amazing with getting into character, I had no complaints at all, everything he does he puts massive effort into and is overall a joy to work with