Hii! I am Pearlea and I am a 17-year-old self-taught voice actress! ^^

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About Pearlea

Hello! My name is Pearlea but I also go by Pearl! ^^ 


Age: 17

Vocal Range: Medium-low to Extremely High

Age Ranges: Young child to a Young adult

Pronouns: She/her


I started voice acting June 5th 2020. Voice acting is something I really love! And I am always willing to learn new things and gain more experience! Other than voice acting I like to draw and do martial arts. 


Equipment I use:

AT2020 USB+

- Popfilter

- Acoustic Curtain

- Audacity


Would you like to hire me? When contacting me, please include the things listed down below:

- What's your project about?

- Is your project Short term or Long term?

- Is your project paid or not?

- How much time are you willing to give me to record my lines?

- A description of the characters

- Examples of your work


Here is how you can contact me:

Discord: Pearlea#9087

Instagram: p3arlea

YouTube: Pearlea

(I am mostly active on discord so that's the fastest way of contacting me)


I look forward to working with you! ^^


0.50 € per line ($0.55 per line)

Pricing doesn't apply if I audition for your project or if I decide to work for free! 

What Pearlea is looking for

I'll gladly work in many different projects as long as they are SFW!

  • @starrii_skiies

    Pearlea is such a kind and caring person. She is always respectful of others and is just an overall very good person. 

  • @Crystal_Lin2000

    How does this girl only have 1 recommendation!? Pearl is an amazing Voice Actress! She is very committed to her role and a very kind person. Not to mention, her art is amazing!! If you're looking for a VA in your project, I 100% recommend Pearlea!

  • @elodyva

    Not only does Pearlea have amazing voice acting that complements her beautiful voice, but she's also one of the most professional directors I have worked with. She remains consistent and hardworking throughout her production process and gets along with her team very well. Whether you decide to cast her or work with her in one of her own productions, you will not regret it!