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About simplydy

♪ Basic Info ♪

♫ Name: simplydy (Elody)
♫ Gender and Pronouns: female; she/her
♫ Experience: 2 years

♫ Time Zone: EST

Hello! My name is Elody, an aspiring voice actress and musician who's always on the lookout for trying new things. Pleased to make your acquaintance! Feel free to contact me on any of the following below~

♪ Socials ♪

♫ Discord: elodymeadows
♫ Instagram: elodyVA
♫ Gmail: elody014business (without the space)
♫ CCC: PM me here if you'd like

What simplydy is looking for

♪ What I do accept ♪

♫ Please introduce yourself and include any information you would like me to know about you, such as the channel(s) you upload your projects on so I can see your past and/or present work; I won't be able to work with someone I don't know!

♫ Is this an audition request or immediate casting?

♫ Please include the basic project information: main idea (genre), series or mini movie (short or long term), fun dub or animated, etc.

♫ Which character is it would you like me to voice or audition for? Are they a main or minor character? What is their relations with the other characters in the project? What is their personality and what do they look like? And more importantly, what kind of voice would you like me to use for them? You could either refer off of my demo reel, past auditions, project appearances, etc.

♫ How dedicated are you on completing this project? Has any progress been made so far, such as scriptwriting or project developing? Or how often do you have time to work on the project? Keep in mind that I'm not looking for super high dedication or time, just that you can guarantee this project will most likely be completed! I understand everyone has their own lives.

♪ What I don't accept ♪

♫ No matter the project, I will not voice for anyone or anything that includes NSFW content, I appreciate the understanding. However, I will accept mild swearing.

♫ Please do not contact me for voice acting inquiries if you do not believe yourself that the project will be completed! Again, I'm not looking for top notch dedication, however it would be a shame to see the discontinuation of a project you worked so hard on!

♫ Please do not just ask me to audition or voice for something, I would love to more about you and the project itself! The list above can be referred to as a guide.

  • @kaxtlyn

    As someone who's known Elody for some time now, can I just say, HOW TALENTED AND UNDERRATED THIS GIRL IS?! I'm sorry, but I just can't believe how little recognition she gets when she puts such passion and drive into each and every line recorded. Seriously, she has such a beautiful voice and is an extremely amazing voice actress. I can 100% say that she will bring any character to life gorgeously no matter what you throw at her. Not only that, but she has a personality that shines like none other. I'm positive that she'll support your project, big or small, to the very end. She's such a kind-hearted soul, and will always be there for others, no matter the circumstance! A great VA and an even better personality, what's there to overlook? I promise you, give Elody a chance, she won't let you down.

  • @_brie_

    Elody is absolutely stunning! I swear, she puts so much effort into her auditions and her range is so wide—just listen to her demo reel! Her voice is so pretty too! I would go on a rant about her singing, but I won't because… it'd be the length of an essay… Just know that her singing is unbelievable. And to add on to her amazingness, she's such a supportive and caring person. I can definitely assure you, you're making no mistake casting her!

  • @dilactic

    I'll be completely honest with every director and person I know, Elody is simply outstanding! She has a lot of talent and skill, just her voice overall has a nice touch to it, her voice acting is magnificent and spectacular. As she does her lines/voice acting, she does an brilliant job handling both her emotion and voice range, the tempo is ideally perfect. Her personality is just chefs kiss! She is a very sweet, generous, utterly hilarious person! She'll light up a whole server just by naturally talking as she always does. To sum it all up, She is a great voice actress and person, I really hope you consider having her in a team or as a friend because if what I said isn't true then i'll say that fire, earth, water & air aren't elements ✌️😒

  • @kitsunirayx

    AHHH Elody is SO SWEET and is a TALENTED voice actor. I mean how many awesome words can I use to describe Elody? A LOT. so I am just going to say this right. now. Cast Elody for the full package. She is committed, kind, funny and is such a wonderful friend to have. I can 100% guarantee you won't regret having Elody. Stay sweet and talented Elody, Love you <3

  • @deleted527807

    Ehem, WHY DOESN'T THIS TALENTED BEAN HAVE THIS MANY REDCOMMENDATIONS??!! THIS TALENTED BEAN IS JUST AMAZINGG! Elody is an amazing VA and can give a whole range of voices that have great expression and every word is fluent. HER VOICE IS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL I NEED TO STEAL IT-! She sends her lines in time and puts her dedication to those very pog lines! Which is why I casted her for my project and you should too! ❤

  • @arialorae

    Whoever is reading this, I don't even know what you're doing if you're not hiring her for your project at this very moment. ElodyVA is just an amazing and talented voice actor, I truly respect her because she was very coping due to my indecisiveness with her role in one of my projects, (very sorry for that time, Elody T^T). Would definitely love to work with her again!  

  • @andyishere

    umm HELLO?!? ELODY IS AN AMAZINGGGGG VA, omg, like fr
    I was worked with Elody on 2 projects of mine as a VA and a singer, and I 👏🏼MUST👏🏼SAY 👏🏼 she is so amazing like, her Voice acting, spot on, amazing, chefs kiss
    but fr, its amazing and i wish i could have atleast a fraction of as good of a voice she has
    and with her ukelele?!? perfect, nothing else, perfect

  • @natasha-black

    Elody is simply amazing. She's hardworking, dedicated to her voice acting, and doesn't disappoint. I have no regrets about casting her. She has good quality audio with hardly any background noise, and also a beautiful voice, with spot-on emotions. Not to mention she's also extremely kind! I really enjoy talking to her, and she always seems to know how to cheer people up. She definitely helps to liven up the cast server, which I really appreciate! If you're considering hiring her for a project, then I strongly recommend it! She won't let you down.

  • @bluenightshadez


    ewfbkwej ok to start off eloby has such a clear consistent voice like the quality anb effort put into every line she boes is always just EXQUISITE. she has an increbibly unique anb pretty voice alongsibe her vocal range anb fucking INCREBIBLE SINGING ABILITIES LIKE WHAT.

    anb asibe from va, her musical talent is just outstanbing, i bon't even fully know how many things she can bo, this human is just overflowing with talent, kinbness, humor and intelligence. 


  • @diarosee

    OK SO- Elody is just absolutely wonderful as a VA. Her emotion in each line is just so marvellous, I cannot see a mistake! I got her as the lead in my project, TSLH, and later on, I didn't know she got cast in lots of projects since she sometimes auditions on discord and not in ccc- I AM JUST SO SURPRISED HOW BRILLIANT SHE IS. Again, Elody is too good to not be in your projects, I hope u enjoy casting her if u did!

  • @pearlea

    So where should I even start? Elody is an AMAZING voice actress and her voice acting skills are just OUTSTANDING!! She is very committed to her role and delivers high quality lines swiftly! Elody is such a sweet and overall amazing person! I absolutely love working with her and I am so glad to have her on the team! Also did I already mention that she captures the character’s personality really well? Well if I didn’t she does a perfect job on that!! The emotion she puts into the lines just leaves me speechless every time! If you’re looking for a voice actress to hire for your project I definitely recommend Elody!

  • @krysviee

    So Krys needs to give another recommendation for elody becuase her voice is so calming to hear and it’s SO BEAUTIFUL! She has a lot of talent and is friendly to everyone! That is why this precious bean should be considered to be cast in your project! :D