Average 19 year old voice actress who screams into a microphone for work

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About MagicEm


Hello there! Meet Emily J also know as MagicEm!

Who is Em?: 

Magic or Em; whatever you wish to refer to her by is a 19 year old voice actress and singer living in the Midwestern USA. She started voice acting at age 15 and has singing since she can remember! She, on top anything mentioned previously, also has four years of musical theater experience under her belt as well!! 

Interested in her work or even just her voice? Keep on reading below!:

Voice acting wise Magic displays a wide range of voices and emotions. Listen to any of her auditions or demo reels so you can see for yourself! She's not shy to taking on new characters and new types of voices so if you have a character you think Magic would fit well, please don't be shy to reach out!! She puts her best into whatever project she's cast for so the result is the best it can be!

Singing wise Magic's voice is very flexible between an alto-soprano but as before listen for yourself to any of her reels or her covers! She's a little new to singing requests/projects but still puts in her absolute best for the song you need done!

Thank you for reading! Have an amazing day or night! God bless!

“Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

Interested in reaching out? 

Please see pricing and what Magic is looking for!

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Voice Acting: (Edited as of 9/28/22)

$0.30 per word/$3 per line

(Retakes are not included in pricing! These are Em's current set rates however she is open to negotiations, so feel free to open a discussion!)


$10 per song (If its not the whole song pricing can be discussed)

(Retakes not included in pricing; these are Em's current set rates however she is open to negotiations, so feel free to open a discussion!)


  • Prices do not apply to projects Em auditions for of her free will

  • Negotiations are always open! Ontop of that paid work is only taken into higher consideration, Em still does volunteer work as well

  • Whether payed or unpaid please read the requirements doc in the section below before reaching out

What MagicEm is looking for

  • Interested in hiring Em? Below is a full guideline of information! Please give it a look before contacting!!

Interested in reaching out? Contact Em below!!


Discord: magicemva

Twitter: @EmJVA1

Email: magicemva@gmail,com

CCC: Send a dm on here! (My CCC is being weird lately, if you send a message here and I don’t respond after a couple days please add my discord or email me! I am not ignoring you, I just didn’t receive it)

**Em tries to respond within a timely manner however she is human and doesn't always get too, if its been a couple days with no response please send another message**

  • @rp-artist

    She is one of the best voice actors I have ever met. She’s a rule follower, she is super nice, her voice is very clear, her acting is just.. amazing! I please recommend giving her a big role in voice acting, and you will see her precious talent!

  • @wizgamingxd

    Magic is a truly extraordinary voice actor, as well as friend. I've both worked alongside her and received voice work from her, and I can proudly say that she puts quality work into every project, be it little or small. She is friendly, motivated, and passionate, and would be an asset to your team. Definitely consider her if you see her audition on any of your projects!

  • @sapphire-wolf

    Magic is such a kind and talented person. She can per-tray her character so well and brings life to it. If it’s an obnoxious bully you want or a sweet baby girl, Magic just nails them both perfect and so much more other type of characters!
    She can be so understanding and has helped me through some sticky situations.
    She submits her lines in hella fast and takes another character no problem!
    I’m so happy I’ve gotten to work with this amazing VA, from a work perspective and as a friends as well.

  • @bna_va

    Tbh, I am not seeing enough recommendations here! MagicGamer04 is soooo underrated! I've heard her voice in multiple voice acted videos, and has done a really good job on every line she voices! So i think she deserves another recommendation:D
    - bna:p
    (btw i dont think you know me but im in a project with you)

  • @supermc-adeley

    Magic you are such a talented voice actor! You are legit one of my idols! You have such great emotion in your voice acting and you show it in all your auditions and lines! I'm excited for your future works <3

  • @candied-bubbles

    Magic is definitely on my list of voice acting idols. She's amazing, and I'm so glad I get to voice act with her in RFA. Her range and voice acting abilities are amazing! She's so talented! Not only is she a talented queen she is also an enjoyable person to be around. You won't regret anything when you hire her for your videos!

  • @seym_dna

    Magic easily grabbed the attention in my project. As the antagonist, her voice swayed the audience into hating her character. Well done, Magic^^

  • @probably-sea

    Magic is such an amazing voice actress! She is so expressive and shows so much emotion in her lines. Hearing how she brings characters to life is absolutely amazing! (She’s pretty punctual with deadlines too :eyes:) She is so friendly and nice, and I’m so happy that I’ve gotten to work with her! <3

  • @nvstolgia

    Spoken from true honesty, this VA deserves so much more recognition than she already has! In every aspect, Magic's voice is not only amazing, but also one-of-a-kind; I'll even go by saying that "one-of-a-kind" comes off as an understatement once you really, genuinely listen to her work! Without a doubt nor hesitation, it is easy for me to claim that with every one of Magic's auditions, you can never be disappointed, only impressed! An extremely high recommendation to cast!

  • @deleted296639

    Oh dear, where to even start with Magic?
    This girl is really amazing, as a VA and as a person~
    She's super nice and really talented, she always shows great emotion in all her lines and is overall just great!
    10/10, i recommend B)

  • @nvstolgia

    very pog, 5 star, no stains, batteries included, would order again 👍

  • @anxiouswinter

    Very expressive actor who excelled at the character she played. Definitely recommend!

  • @deleted364001


  • @deleted401181

    Where do I even start with Magic? Her vocal range is amazing, her personality is bomb, and her pog game is through the roof. Her lines are almost always done on time- unless given an extension, and Magic's voice is to die for. I hope she becomes famous and gets to voice in movies and stuff, because she definitely deserves it. POG POG POG POG POG POG POG POG POG

  • @darling-donutcat

    Magic is awesome!!!!!! She is a good friend of mine and her voice work is top notch quality, very professional, and extremely good! Not only is she an extremely talented VA she is also very nice and compassionate. I recommend her 100% <3

  • @emilytran

    As their director (As of right now), I consider her a very laid back and chill Voice Actress. She is an amazing worker and deserves all the roles she gets. She turns in her lines on time, or when you ask, and she always responds when she is available. I recommend her a lot.

  • @thatblonde58

    Magic has been in projects with me as well as worked for me. She sends in lines before deadline and with amazing quality! Every gig she takes, you can tell she has fun and does her best. Her personality is totally equal to her talent. She is so sweet and understanding! I recommend her for sure!

  • @deleted385240

    Magic is an amazing voice actor. She takes pride in her characters and shows the emotions really well. I definitely recommend her!

  • @not_arakii

    Magic is a director/VA friend of mine. I've worked alongside and I've provided lines for her, and she's done the same. Words can't describe how kind and fun she is to work with! She always says her lines with emotion, and turns them in on time. If she ever auditions for you, you should consider her, and you won't regret it!

  • @ellevoices

    Em is an amazing voice actress! I 100% recommend.