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About Shaymin13

Hi there, I’m Shaymin13, an aspiring Voice Over Artist. 

  • @kazumistories

    I've been with Shaymin ever since she first started voice acting for gacha in March. I've seen her progress and grow as a voice actress. She's nice, works hard, supportive and is continuing to get better and better at voice acting over the last couple of months! 10/10 would hire her again. In fact, I already did!

    The link below is from when she first started. I love to see how much she's improved since then!

  • @wizgamingxd

    Shaymin is an absolute LEGEND. Definitely consider hiring her!

  • @probably-sea

    Shay has been so much fun to work with! She is amazing at storytelling, and I absolutely LOVED providing voice work for Catherine. She is amazing at writing her characters and is a very creative person.
    She is also an incredible voice actress! She has an amazing voice and is very expressive with all of her work, I would highly recommend casting her if she auditions!

  • @bna_va

    Shay, is AMAZING! Even if I never worked for her, I've heard she's an amazing producer! Not only producer, but a VA as well:D If you ever see any auditions from her, I'd totally recommend you casting her:3

  • @nvstolgia

    When it comes to giving kudos to Shaymin, it is a given that she is such a talented individual with the biggest heart! I have not worked with her, however I have had interactions with her, and from those, it is easy to tell that she is a person who, without a doubt, brightens up your mood immediately! Her voice is absolutely impressive, and will not let you down once you have a listen! Definitely a high recommendation and extremely underrated!

  • @darling-donutcat

    Okay Shaymin is FREAKING awesome!!!! I love her so so much! Not only is she super talented but she is one of the nicest people you will ever met ^^. She is a joy to work with and will definitely make you smile <3

  • @deleted401181

    Shay deserves soooo many more recommendations. She is an absolute sweetheart, and an AMAZING voice actor. I'm not kidding. She can portray any character with the right pitch and characteristics. Shay is extremely talented, and you shouldn't have to second guess casting her- you won't regret it in the slightest. Her vocals are beautiful, and her audio/mic quality is outstanding! I'm so lucky I get to voice with her.

  • @starrycore

    Shaymin is a legend. She has an amazing voice range, and she voices Harry and Laika in my series, The Portal's Mystery. She volunteered to voice Laika when I was running short on VAs. They send their lines on time and they're really fun to work with.