Natasha Black

Natasha Black

Hello! I'm Natasha, a voice actor/ animator for hire! For my socials, you can take a look at my carrd:

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About Natasha Black

ˋˏ ——๑.・。゚About Me.・。゚๑—— ˎˊ

→ My online alias is Natasha Black, but you can also call me Natasha or Nettle

→ 17 years old

→ Female, she/her

→ I’m a director, voice actor, animator, and writer/scripter

ˋˏ ——๑.・。゚VA Details.・。゚๑—— ˎˊ

→ I’ve been voice acting for over three years; I started in October of 2020

→ I am currently accepting requests

→ I have a high - medium low voice range; medium or medium low is most comfortable for me, though

→ I won’t be participating in any projects involving NSFW. Flirting or romance is fine with me, but if it gets too heated I am out.

→ Minimal cursing is alright with me, but I’d prefer projects without it

→ I record using a TONOR TC-777 microphone

ˋˏ ——๑.・。゚Animation Details.・。゚๑—— ˎˊ

→ I've been animating for around three years; I started in December of 2020

→ I am currently accepting requests

→ I do 2D animations using Live2D

ˋˏ ——๑.・。゚Socials.・。゚๑—— ˎˊ

→ Discord: vera47

→ Email: stingingnettle47 (

→ It’s preferred that you contact me through Discord or CCC, but you can also email me

I’m currently working on a demo reel, so I don’t have any examples of my voice acting as of yet, but I will soon! For now you can just look at some of my previous VA auditions, or head over to my YouTube channel for some (rather outdated) examples of my animation work.

  • @emiriiva

    Great director! Natasha is very professional as well. I don’t have much else to say as the project we are working on is not in full effect just yet.
    She is not only a great director, but a great friend. We’ve only known each other for about a month but she’s honestly so supportive and kind! She makes me laugh all the time and I couldn’t have asked for a better director.

  • @kaxtlyn

    Natasha oh my god. I have so much to say about her. For one, I wouldn't be here without her, as her first VA project is what got me into this community! But anyways, to actually start, her writing for one, t's extremely exceptional and outstanding. She's amazing at directing, no joke. If you happen to see one of her projects open to auditions, do not think twice before auditioning. Moreover, her voice is so pretty?! I'm sorry, how?? What?? Not only is her voice range extremely big, but she can express emotions so well. It's so obvious how passionate she is for voice acting, really. She's extremely professional when it comes to it, and she will definitely deliver amazingly when needed. But other than that, she's an extremely fun person to be around. Her personality is just like the cherry on top of her talents. I genuinely look up to her a lot, I can't believe such an astonishing person exists. She definitely deserves so much more attention than she currently recieves. I promise you, if you happen to stumble upon her profile, this recommendation and cast her, you WILL NOT regret it.

  • @akiflower

    Natasha. She is super pog :D I'm working for her on an upcoming project, and I fell in love with her story. Seriously, this girl makes such compelling stories, it's unbelievable. If you see her host a project, join. She's serious about her project and isn't exactly the type to cancel it.
    Her voice acting is also super good :D Natasha's voice is so good I can listen to her telling a story for days. If she auditions for your project, I don't see any reason not to cast her :D 🥖

  • @bluenightshadez

    Before I get to all of the talent stuff, I'd just like to say that I very much appreciate that Natasha is very straightforward and will not sugarcoat ANYTHING. I love to see some annoying person in one of her servers get their passive aggressive thoughts instantly shot down. She's also very intelligent, and in her cast servers she creates a wonderful space for everyone to get along in. Natasha produces such compelling plots and scripts, it's almost like she's writing a book! Seriously. I'm not even exaggerating. I can't even come close to describing how much of a comfort it is to be providing voice work for a director that knows what they're doing. Not ONCE have I seen her falter when it comes to deadlines, postponing a project, cancelling it, all the good stuff us voice actors experience. (Another thing that is a huge comfort, with the not having to worry about my lines going to waste and actually seeing progress in a project). Also, did I mention the fact that she can voice act on top of this?? Natasha's voice acting is just as professional as her creativity. Overall, Natasha just has a very well rounded skillset when it comes to projects, which is very fun because she can both cast and BE casted.

  • @_brie_

    Amazing director? Check. Amazing voice actor? Check. Amazing person? Also check! Seriously, I'm so glad to be casted in not one, but two of Natasha's projects! She puts so much thought into her stories and they're so engaging to follow along with. Her voice acting, animating, writing, etc. are all awesome too! She's so well-rounded; I could never. Take it from me, she won't let you down.

  • @kitsunirayx

    Voice actor, Director, awesome friend and just a talented person?? What more can you ask from this person?! But in all seriousness, Nat is an all-round MESMORISING VA and director. Her story writing is SO GOOD and the emotions in her voice acting? Chef's. Kiss. Her commitment is 100% full-package POG. I am so honoured to be working with her and just seeing her talent SHINE THROUGH. Nat is so SO AMAZING, words can't even describe it. Stay awesome Nat! ^^

  • @deleted579504

    Amazing director, animator, and content creator

    Let me just say that Nettle is such an amazing person! She's sweet, caring, passionate, and funny, but can also be serious and professional. Her directing is top-notch, her writing is amazing, and her voice acting- I could go on. I am deeply honored to be in one of her projects, "Heavenly Hosts", and the series is probably my favorite I've ever been casted into. Definitely consider her if you ever see her audition. She never disappoints

  • @elodyva

    I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO TELL YOU HOW TALENTED MAT IS. Ok one, godly voice and voice acting skills? Check. Absolutely butter smooth animating? Check. Not to mention she's also a director herself! Mat has such an innovative and creative mind it's unbelievable. The completely original ideas she has for stories, the flawless scripts she writes, and of course how could we forget how professional she is just as a director? Mat is incredibly respectful, kind, hard-working, but such a great friend as well. She is such a great person to work with and just to simply hang with as well!

  • @deleted583625

    Really sweet, amazing, and funny. Nat is an amazing director and a good person in a project. Nat does have a fun, crazy side, but can be pretty professional. Not only that, her writing and animating are both extraordinary! Her cast server is amazing, and big with some of the nicest people on it.  Her series, Heavenly Hosts, has probably been one of my favorite projects I've ever been in. Definitely Recommend

  • @fanofalotofthings_va

    This person is very talented!

  • @okakaka

    My god...Where do i begin?

    No seriously, Where the fuck do i begin?! Nat has an endless list of talents.  Though she might try and deny it, She's truly quite skilled. Her animation is amazing, her voice acting's beautiful, her writing's captivating AND she's musically talented. Nat's a jack of all cards!..if I'm using that right. I've had a blast working alongside and under her these past few months.  She's shown dedication to each and every one of her projects and I doubt that'd be changing anytime soon. Hire her and be hired by her kings.